I bought the bike, used, in 2014 for a saving of about 30% off retail and rode it back from just outside Cleveland to NYC in one day. It was the first bike I'd had for about fifteen years, and the first time I'd ridden on the road in over ten. I chose the Street Triple because of the light weight - I'm not built to wrestle an elephant around, and the handling is nothing short of superb. The first mod I did was to get rid of the stock exhaust and fit the S1R - partly for the looks, but mainly for the sound. I have both Powertips (restrictor cylinders) that can be seated inside the exhaust endcap and usually run with the noisier of the two for a slight reduction in noise over the bare can (which is so loud a lot of people hate it). I like to be heard by car drivers when I cruise up behind them on the freeway, and the engine note is absolutely divine - like an angry Valkyrie closing in fast! On the same front, replacing the stock bulb with the Philips ones listed in my profile made a noticeable difference and were well worth the very minor cost. The next mod was to get rid of the atrocious license plate hanger and an Evotech tail tidy gave a very satisying nip/tuck to the rear end. A pair of CRG arrows replaced the stock mirrors and tightened things up at the front. Install for those was a bit more fiddly (I needed the CRG internal mirror adapters) but wasn't too bad. K&N oil and air filters went on at the 6k service mark and one final mod was needed before I started on my 2016 cross country road trip from NYC to Victoria Island, BC. I sent the seat off to "Spencer" a community seat modder I had recommended on the TriuphRAT forums. He reduced the total amount of padding, and replaced the stock foam with a combination of hard and soft stuff (apparently). The end result is better than stock, but not all day comfortable. Where I used to start squirming after about 90 minutes, I can now go to about four hours with some in-the-seat exercises and a stop every two hours or so to fill up. At the end of a full day's riding though I'm in definite pain, and that got to be bad on some of the 500+ mile days I did on that trip. The main reason for the discomfort has to be down to the fact that I weigh under 150lbs in riding gear and the suspension pummels my spine. I found that adding a 50lb bag to the tail on my road trip made a huge difference, and at some point I'm going to try a softer spring, but I live in an apartment, and don't have a garage, and taking the shock out just hasn't seemed an appealing prospect on the street. Maybe one day this year, I'll take her up to a friend's place in CT and see about doing the work there. I got about 6000 miles out of the stock Pirellis (with ~30% life left) before switching to softer Dunlop Q3 Sportmax, and loved the increase in grip they offered. I have since got 6000+ miles out of those, mainly due to the dual compound formula, but will need to change them soon for another pair. I've definitely gotten used to the available power, and sometimes wish for a little more. I've had a test ride on a Speed Triple, and whilst it sounds just as good, it's 25% heavier than Gracie, and I don't want the extra weight. Triumph has now come out with a slightly larger motor (675->765cc), but I love my girl and she has a very special place in my heart - I hope to never sell her. Instead, I sometimes have crazy thoughts of getting the motor 'built' and adding a small turbo or supercharger (I saw a youtube video of someone in NZ or similar, who had done that to one of the earlier Streets - it looked amazing!). Maybe once I leave the city and have my own shop or shed to work in....

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