156 HP
137 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2599 LB
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

After an internship at Daimler, that was mandatory for my Bachelor (Industrial Engineering), I saved up some money to buy me a project/weekend fun car which I wanted to do fpr the past 3 years. Basicly I had 2 options for RWD fun from Japan at the 4000€ pricepoint, an MX5 NB Sportive and an MR2 SW20. A BMW was not realy an option, because you see them everywhere and I wanted something a little more unique. A good friend of mine drives a highly modified MR2, took me for a trip, fell in love and had to find one. A Turbo model would be my dream but i simply don't habe the money to get one right now. Still the 2.0 3SGE is a huge step up in Power and fun compared to the 1.6TDI in the Golf 6 Variant i have been driving since i got my license. The Previous owner took quite good care of the chassis, there is basicly no rust. The only thing he realy f*cked up was the cooling system. I didnt check it when I bought it and had to replace the thermostat and cooler, there was rust inside the coolant tubing and the overflow tank, so i ditched the old rusty cooler, flushed everything and bought a big new one from Mishimoto. In the future i want to Replace the tubes with Silicone ones from Samco, get bigger brakes from a later turbo model, fit an oil cooler, get some nice 17 inch wheels (thinking about Enkei Yamamotos) + new tires, maby lowering springs or coilovers, depending on budget, Greddy side Skirts, 94+ taillights, maby a TRD replica Wing and some DIN Defi gauges for Oil Temp/preassure. Some day a Turbo swap if I can afford it. 

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DIY Repair Brakelightswitch clip

My MR2 SW20 (156bhp) Euro model had a Problem today: My breaklights would not turn off, even if i t

[]Mister Modtomic

I had the same (stupid) problem about a year ago. On our way home (St. Louis MO) from the Florida Keys roadtrip vacation my cruise control stopped working in Memphis TN. I drove like that all the way back to southeastern MO (maybe 100 miles or so) before I realized at a gas station that my brake lights were always on! Taped a bunch of pennys to the pedal until I got home.

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