558 HP
470 LB-FT
Curb Weight
4140 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
6.4 L
Transmission Type
6 speed
Zero to Sixty
4.6 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)

I bought this car from my father in-law in June of 2014. He was the second owner And the one how built the car. I don't know much about the first owner only they he didn't change oil very often. My father in-law bought the car at 33,000 miles in 2011. All of the work done on the car was done by Creven Performance. They are just outside of St. Louis. He started the long list of mods with the superchargeer. Then lowered the car 2 inches with an Eibach sport system plus suspension kit, hollowed out the cats and put on a  catback corsa exhaust. Then thanks to the previous owner the engine blow. The engine teardown revealed lots of black sludge in the oil pan. Even though that was depressing news this is we're the story gets good.  My father in-law then through the biggest chunck of money at the car I can amagin. He decided the have the motor built with a forged aluminum 392 block with all forged internals, a very aggressive cam and port and polished heads. Also on the list was a set of chrome moly axles and driveline rated at 1400 horsepower and a triple disc carbon clutch. Then to sexy up the car a bit a set of 18 inch forged Weld rims wraped in Micky Thompson sportsman tires. 28x10 in front and 28x12 in back. With a brutal winter and a long list of mods it took around nine months to finish that round of upgrades. In that nine months my father in law decided to sell me the car and to move on to the next one. I of course had no problem with that.  I flew out to Missouri in June of 2014 and drove the newly built challenger back to my house in California. Despite having to break in the new engine the trip was awesome. Now one year later the car is running strong. I have worked out a few kinks and have a few more to fix. But other than that it is amazing. My own list of mods is short but includes strut tower bracing and meth injection and a lot more boost. I also want to put on a front bumper on from a 2011 challenger and a black hood. One day the car will be done. Or will it?

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