230 HP
250 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3000 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

My biggest challenge did not arrive at my home on its own terms, it had to be towed, not a good sign at all. The car would start but it would not run. Large clouds of white smoke shot from the exhaust pipe. My backyard looked like a dense fog was rolling in. My car's engine clicked like an egg timer would, not something very preferable in a car. What looked like an incomprehensible amount of labor lay in front of me and with that in mind, I took one final sigh and got to work. Hours led to days rather quickly as I realized that I required new parts for the engine of my car. The pistons that resided within the belly of the metal beast were cracked. The replacements would cost me 800$. I could not shell out that much money, so I bought another car for parts. I’ll be honest, ripping apart the old junker was a lot of fun. I ended up with the parts that I needed, including the pistons. When I had the parts in hand, I went to my father for advice and he told me that he would get around to fixing it. This really irked me, so from there I went on to fixing minor aesthetic problems with the car. First the passenger side fog light looked as if it was shot by the previous owner. I meticulously removed piece by piece the fragments of glass and other rubbish that prevented its removal. Once the stubborn thing was dissected, the replacement part fit very snug making the car look that much better. Next on the to-do list was the windows. When I pushed the buttons to raise the automatic windows, the glass defiantly fell into the door panels.The fix was easy but very tedious.I had to remove all the door panels and put of the glass panels back on their respective sliders.Numerous stickers decorated the outside of my car;unfortunately, they all looked horrendous, so I went up to the hardware store and bought a sticker scraper. I got all the stickers off my car ,except for one sticker (A very evil sticker!), thestick figure family sticker. The monstrosity was conveniently placed right on my defroster lines. If I were to scrape it off, I would destroy my defroster system! So to this day the stick figure family still resides on my cars hatch glass. Besides that everything else went pretty smoothly on my car. Putting in the new turbocharger system was a bit difficult, but with my father's help and guidance I got the turbo spinning once more. The list kept shrinking as more and more of my time and effort went into the car. The last piece of the puzzle was polishing the engine block,which was pretty relaxing as all I had to do was guide a brush over the metal surfaces of the block.As I finished up the job, I looked into the sheen of the engine and realized that the block was a “reflection” of the work I put into the car.When I sat in the car after my hard labor, I put the key into the ignition the car started with a low rumble. The car was finally working, and with that I found peace.

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