The build philosophy for my BRAT was Mad Max-style DIY and junkyard recycling. Almost everything was done by hand in the backyard, and many of the factory Subaru parts were donated or acquired for very cheap. The 2.2l Subaru engine is plenty of power for a car this small while being very simple and more reliable than the 2.5l variants. With the freer intake/exhaust, the cams, and very little accessory drag I'm probably within spitting distance of 2.5l power levels anyway (of course I could put those same mods on a 2.5...) I do have a couple of 2.5l blocks sitting around but so far I've decided it's a fine car with the 2.2 and has no real use for more power. The suspension makes for roughly a 4.5 inch lift - including the bigger tires it sits 7-8 inches higher than stock. I still have plans for this one: I have a complete 4-wheel disc brake conversion sitting in a box waiting for it to not be cold and snowy outside. I also have a Subaru 4EAT auto trans and I'm considering using that plus a Toyota lockable solid axle in the rear on a custom 4 link rear suspension. And some day when I get tired of beating this thing offroad I'll probably take it all back apart, clean it up and make it more of an 80s street / beach cruiser style.

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