280 HP
375 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3223 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
159 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
13.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
5.6 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
24/34 MPG

2014 Focus ST previously fitted with Mountune's MP275 Clubsport performance package. The only Ford approved performance package that offers factory level build quality without disrupting the factory warranty. Once the factory warranty expired I wanted to get a bit more out of the car. By further upgrading to the Mountune Sport Downpipe I decided the car needed a custom calibration and Randy Robles at Mountune truly delivered. While maintaining the discreet nature that Mountune offers with all of their packages it's a performance tune that doesn't have any drawbacks. By being loud'ish when you want it to and quiet for the other times it's my ideal daily driver that serves occasional canyon/track duty. I also use this for video production as a camera chase car for Hooniverse. See this car as well as others on www.hooniverse.com and www.youtube.com/thehooniverse See my video review of this car on the Hooniverse YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfCFRiAneew

Discuss this build

[]Mike De Anda

Hi Jason just a quick question. Your car rocks. I have a 2014 ST bought it slightly used only 24k miles on it. I have heard a lot of talk about the oil blow back issue and how owners are installing in line separators. Yet? There's no mention of it from your list of mods? Your thoughts? Appreciate in advance - Thanks Mike D Orange County California.

[]Noah Damoose

Hey Jason, love your work. Your Focus ST is awesome. I was just wondering how your moutune springs ride. I am thinking about getting the sport spring set and realized it lowers it by a ton just wanted to make sure that it doenst rub and also is it still a pretty nice ride or is it pretty stiff.

[]Derek Kuehn

After watching Farah do a onetake, I am curious on what you were talking about the bushings used on your shift linkages. I bought my ST used and my shifter seems sticky at times. I have thought about going with Fords Short shifter but then I heard you replaced components. Any facts you willing to share?

[]Jason Connor

From revision one of the tune it's a big difference. Tested 3lbs of boost higher and the midrange power has transformed the car. The combination of the DP and the tune really take this car to the next level.

[]A.J. Meeker

Is there a big difference from the OTS tube vs the Protune?

[]Jason Connor

Finally went with a pro calibration, this car is a rocket ship!

[]A.J. Meeker

I totally get it, I've got some Mountune stuff on mine too (it's awesome!) and have spoken to Randy on the phone a few times. I went with the Cobb stuff since their Surgeline location is only a 10 minute drive for me, so if there are any problems, they're super close. I bet there's not much difference between the Cobb Stage 3 map and the MR300. They're both OTS maps that need to work within a certain margin of safety.

[]Jason Connor

They say 295 at the crank even though mine while stock make 232 to the wheels. I'm less than 4k from warranty expiration and plan on going Mountune Protune with Randy Robles. I like the people and the products with Mountune. That's not downplaying Cobb they make an excellent product, but my money is on Mountune.

[]A.J. Meeker

Nice Car! Have you ever had the car Dyno'd? Using Cobb STG3 OTS map and curious if that 295HP is to the wheels or at the crank.. Looking at tune options this week.

[]Jason Connor

Thanks Joseph!

[]Joseph Frascati

I like the subtle tune approach. Plenty quick for road fun.

[]Jason Connor

These are my times with the car as fitted with this package

[]Justin Clark

Very cool, big fan! Are those 0-60 and 1/4 mile times for stock STs or is that w/ the performance package?

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