440 whp
400 wtq
3050 lbs
3.6 sec
1/4 mile
11.4 sec
Trap speed
126 mph
ToP sPeed
171 mph

Back in 2002 and 2003 before I joined the Military I sold Chevrolets and Cadillacs from a dealership just outside of Charlotte North Carolina. C5 Corvettes were still the rage at that time so obviously they had a brand new model sitting on the showroom. Yes the convertible occasionally came through as well as the 2003 anniversary models but when the Z06 entered it always felt a bit special to me. I remember first it was an Electron Blue one then followed by a Torch Red C5Z. There was one "crotchety" old salesman that always stole the repeat business from all of us youngsters on the lot, perks of being an old man I suppose. He was the only one allowed to allowed to sell Corvettes so I never got to drive any of them brand new. I left for the military a few months later but I still always had an affinity for the Z06. Now 15 years after I joined the military and with many major life changes that happened during this time frame I was on the hunt for a new fun performance car. I owned a Porsche 987 Boxster S at the time I was just wanting something a bit out there, rowdy and something that would just scare me a bit. The Porsche 987's are one of the best driving experiences for the money, capable, fast and exceptionally enjoyable to carve up a mountain road or just daily drive. I remembered fondly of my experiences after having filmed a friends C5 Z06 years prior and had to search for one of my own. The search was between two cars a 2002 Electron Blue C5Z located in Michigan and a 2001 Speedway White C5Z located in Texas. I'm originally from Texas (yes forgive me) and this one was located 15 minutes away from where my family lives so I figured why not make a trip out of it if the car was available, it was. Negotiating took place and I made a deal that secured my own C5Z. This is just but a brief take up to this point, I wrote up my full experience on Hooniverse.com of everything with my Z06 (https://hooniverse.com/introducing-project-unicorn-2001-speedway-white-corvette-z06/) as well as my tuning efforts (https://hooniverse.com/cunningham-motorsports-tunes-project-unicorn-2001-corvette-z06/)

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2001 Corvette Z06 on California 58


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