Curb Weight
2300 LB
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
4 speed manual
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        I love the Z despite its faults. It turns over easily and the smooth in-line 6 accelerates with gusto. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I purchased from a gentlmen in GA. It has only had one other owner and sat unused for 20 odd years. (except the grand kids who jumped around in it and ruined on of the seats) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is rust free except one terrible streak of rust from a leaking battery I did not detect until I already owned the vehicle. (big frown goes here) It needs a new frame rail and repairs to the inner fender and inner fire wall. Determined to do all repairs myself I have learned how to weld and I am reaching a level of competence where I feel just about ready to attempt the patches. Just need a clear weekend. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The floors are heavily dented from lazy jacking practices and the electrical is a hodgepodge of lazy repairs. Both need replaced for me to feel right about the vehicle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The car is FAR from done but has been a great learning experience and will continue to be one for the next few years until I get it right. Having a done, fast car is tempting but the joy of turning your own wrenches and knowing absolutely every inch of the machine is far more satisfying. I cant wait to get it to where I can show it off. Its not just a possession it is MY car. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Plans include: A front air dam, Heat insulting paint to keep the heat out of the driver compartment. (purchased) Suspension and steering bushing refresh, triangle suspension bracing, lower springs, heavier anti roll bars, 15X8 RB wheels, toyota 4X4 front brake swap. Evntually Id like an engine swapped from a 280zx turbo on to which Id like to setup a twin-scroll turbo and super short water to air inter-cooler system. The SR20det swap is tempting fro the weight savings but retuneing the suspension after the weight redistribution may be a bit beyond me and the inline 6 just sounds much sexier.

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