350 HP
300 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2250 LB
Mid-engine Rear wheel drive
Engine Size
3.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)

The Ziero,  Sure, I could have built a different car to be faster for less, but like all Fiero lovers its like a disease that you can't get over. The vision is to be sub 1050kg ,and 225kW at the wheels. Super stripped down only having what is needed to be legal on the road. It has been a work in progress a long time but the end is in sight. The engine is a 2005 VQ35de, the short block is from a maxima and the heads and intake are from a 350z (and the parts listed), the Heads have been ported and polished also upgraded with valvesprings, cams, arp rod bolts, rev-up oil pump, and HR head gaskests and coolant mod. After getting it running on the oem Ecuador setup I decided to switch to an ECUmaster EMU black and also I have a ITB setup that I will be installing.

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[]Mike Zelusky

Is there a build thread anywhere I could check out.

[]Stephen Bungert

Thats a badass engine swap very unique! I want mine as light as possible too... im had it weighed at all four corners at 35th fiero show in peoria illnois last year weighed 2466 without me in it

[]Jason Merkl

It doesn’t have the body on it rn or the actual rims I’m have for it but my brother is dealing with some of the back of the car that I don’t need(everything from wise behind cradle mount and strut mounts. He’s Going to crossbrace and replace what I still need with chrommolly tube. He’s gonna weight it before and after on his corner scales

[]Jason Merkl

Nissan non-rev-up VQ35de, 05 maxima short block, 350z heads and intake manifolds.

[]Daniel Floyd

what engine is that? doesnt list it in the story or anything

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