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Dyno run

Dyno run after mods. Long tube headers, new PCM and tune, Driveshaft Shop driveshaft.

[]Andrew Johnson

Solid numbers 👍🏼 Did you hit your goal or are you doing more?

[]Jason Reed

I didn't hit my goal yet. Need to add more power toys - lol but hopefully before the end of the year.

[]Andrew Johnson

Ha, yeah, can always do more. What's next?

[]Jason Reed

First, going to do wider wheels and tires. Then going to go procharger =)

[]Ryan Brenner

Yess, Wider wheels would look great. Are you going to add any offset?

[]Andrew Johnson

Makes sense, get the grip first, then try to break it ;-)

[]Jason Reed

Absolutely... Hopefully not break anything else. I think I will have most of the precautionary things out of the way that seem to break on these with more POWER.... lol

[]Chad Ploski


[]Jason Reed

Thanks man!!