150 HP
150 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2471 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.5 L
Transmission Type
5-speed manual
Top Speed
135 MPH
Zero to Sixty
7.5 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
23/27 MPG

Started out stock, here it is now :)

Discuss this build

[]Julez Williams

woohoo! TheSmokingTire! so excited to see a fit on a platform like that

[]Luigi Bros

Hello just wanted to know if you would sell your turbo kit thanks

[]Luigi Bros

You still have your car

[]DJ Fajardo

Nice GD3! Loved TST video!

[]Ian P.

you're an incredible singer :-)

[]Jason Truong

Try the Swift springs with new shocks, or some KW Coilovers. Most other coilover systems are probably going to feel bad, and a LOT of lowering springs are super bouncy too. The turbo was cool, but it is a lot of hassle to put one in. Just swap the engine if you don't have smog laws in your area. Haha

[]Jason Truong

I just took off my turbo but I still have a "Hondata FlashPro". If you install an intake and tune your car, it can feel really great. I would start off with lowering it with Swift lowering springs. And then an intake if you havent already. I don't think this car is really about power, but it does everything else well :)

[]Lucas Fanning

So, I'm guessing the Turbo is more or less a hassle than anything, perhaps It will have to wait until shes way up there no point in hurting it as it barely has 100 000kms.. I'm really just looking for ride comfort, would you recommend the springs for a better ride? or should I stick with something like cups for maximum comfort?

[]Josh Trevino

Hey.. I have a 2007 Fit Sport and I've been wanting to modify it so bad. I saw that video with you and some other guy and I like how yours was.. I wanna do something similar. What do you suggest and I want this as my daily

[]Mike Lee

Hey Jason, I have a 07 Honda Fit Sport as well and I am thinking doing some mod on it. I saw the YouTube video from "theSmokingTire", and I like the way you tune up your car, which is somewhere similar to what I have in mind. How much did it cost you to put the kit, suspension, and the tires up ? if you dont mind sharing that info.

[]Lucas Fanning

Hey, Have a 2007 Honda Fit I really want to turbo, would you recommend it as a daily driver im also really intrested in lowing the back an inch like you said in the video. If you could shoot me a msg that would be sweet

[]Jos Mo

Awesome car bro.

[]Jason Truong

sooo u drive mine and I drive yours? loll

[]Karl Muth

Lol, I'll be out there for a one take in two weeks... if you see a British car old enough to have its own driver's license getting wheelspin in third gear... that's Matt driving my car.

[]Jason Truong

Thanks a lot guys, it's a super underdog car so it's awesome to finally hear some feedback on it :)

[]Jason Truong

Karl whenever you're in Socal man, come drive it! lol

[]Karl Muth

I watched your TST one take and I thought I was going to hate it... you made me want to try out driving a Fit. Your car looked super fun!

[]Bill Diaz

Great review on Smoking Tire! Nice setup on the handling, Congrats!

[]Michael B. Gonzales

I've officially changed my attitude toward this car

[]Jack Reitman

Best car ever.

[]alberto gorin

now your famous be on the smokingtire and nice very nice.

[]alberto gorin

i know him as jazz lets see the video of the smokingtire

[]Nicholas Plett

Agreed! Really cool car Jason!

[]Andrew Johnson

Nice job on The Smoking Tire today, looks fun!

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