191 HP
147 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2670 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

-*-*-I hope somebody could read my whole story, that could mean a lot to me, and might inspire you a bit too, thanks :) *-**- It all started back in 2012 when I discovered the 9th generation corolla had a rare, limited-production variant called the Corolla XRS. I remember when I first saw an XRS in person, it was a silver one that passed by me on the freeway, I loved the looks of it. In 2014 I was lucky to find another silver one parked at a gas station and I got to talk to the owner, and he showed me the car real quick, I fell in love with it, but I had a sentimental bond with my 2005 Corolla CE, since I had it since it was a five year old, 34k mile like-new car. Later down the road, on August 25th 2017, I had a scary accident on the CE, totaling the chasis, the car still ran and drove but it was destroyed on the outside, luckily nobody was around, and the car still ran fine, I had to keep going since I was far from home. Two months later I somewhat fixed up the car but I had to sell it since the guy who did the bodywork did an awful job, I was bummed, at that point I thought my car days were over, but everything happens for a reason. While I was selling my CE, I was surfing through the internet trying to find another 9th generation corolla, and then I asked myself, why can't I have an XRS? I would love to own one, then I started watching videos, pictures, and then I set the goal to find and buy myself a Corolla XRS. Few weeks passed by, and my determination to get an XRS was endless. One day, a girl came by to look at my CE, and she liked it, I sold the car to her, and I was ready to jump into a grey, 2006 Corolla XRS I found on offer up. I went to the place, and the guy was selling the car for a dealer, so I had to pay too much fees and what not. No deal was made, went back home, I didn't remember being so bummed in my entire life, hahah, it sucked. The night after, my eyes were set in a baby blue 2003 Matrix XRS, and I made a deal with the guy to meet the following day at noon, the car was clean title and in an affordable price for me to buy it, I was already set to buy the car, but something told me to do ONE last search through the internet, and I was like: Heck, why not? WHAT DO YOU KNOW..... I went to FACEBOOK ADS, and I just typed: XRS because I was already feeling like giving up the feeling that I was going to find an XRS for sale.... boy!! I found another 2006 grey XRS for sale and this one was wayyyy closer than the first one I went to check out, I messaged the guy, I offered him a reasonable price and he agreed to meet me the following night. That night came, I went over and checked the car out, mannn that thing needed some work, .... but I liked the car anyways, I pointed down the defects, talked to him for like 30 minutes, and ....I WALKED OUT with the XRS under my name, and bought it for 1k less the price I offered him. When you want something in life, you'll get it as long as you keep wishing, working, and looking for it. As of today, I have done a lot of m aintenance on the car, fixed the little hick-ups it had, transferred all the accessories from the CE into it, and the car is awesome, I never thought I would be the owner of an XRS.

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