200 HP
130 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2160 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
6 Speed w/ LSD
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

I originally bought this car in April of 2015 for use as a daily driver, it needed brakes, brake lines and a main fuse but was in great shape and totally stock. I did a few bolt ons, like an intake, 15" wheels, Progress coilovers but had no real plans for anything big. In the beginning of May 2015, a drunk driver in a brand new Lincoln pulled out in front of me and I wound up hitting him hard. His car had minimal damage but mine was wrapped up pretty badly. The insurance company totaled the car, which I immediately bought back since the damage was repairable. Around that same time I had a 91 CRX with a K20Z3 swap that was becoming a money pit to finish, so I thought to myself, why not put the K20 into the civic and do a 99-00 front end conversion? The build officially started in June of 2015 and was in progress until about September/October when I finally got to drive it for the first time. Since then my focus has changed to road course racing as I live close to Lime Rock Park. UPDATE: The left rear wheel well has begun to develop some rust, so before it gets too much worse, I plan to strip the car down to the bare chassis and redo it all from the ground up. All the current parts in the build are being transferred to a 99 CX hatch I just bought. After that this car is getting a K20A2 head/K24A1 block, all wheel drive CRV trans fitted with 8th gen Si gears and LSD and out back it will receive an S2000 rear diff housing fitted with a Kia Sportage 4.77 FD to match the Si final up front. Lastly it will be fitted with a Rotrex supercharger and used mostly for track. I've recently been made aware that in Japan there was an all wheel drive EK5 sedan, and I've located the fuel tank and trailing arms from that car to use on mine. This project will take a while but I will update more as I get things done. This car has recently been torn down to the bare chassis in preparation for the all wheel drive setup and all of the parts swapped into my new 99 Integra project. Stay tuned for updates

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