120 WHP
5spd Manual
Engine volume
2.0 Liters

I bought this car in 2014 for $900 from a friend who was moving out of the country. He claimed it was the OZ Rally model, it is clearly not, the previous owner just happened to put some OZ Rally stickers on it (in the wrong place, no less). He also said it had an engine oil leak and needed a new clutch. The oil leak (which was pretty bad) was actually due to someone not torking down the head gasket cover, I merely cleaned it and torked the bolts properly and it hasn't leaked since. I did replace the clutch and slave cylinder at the time since it was slipping really badly. He also told me that the dash lights did not work and he could not figure out why, fuse was fine, etc. I used the car for the last five years without dash lights, recently replaced the little bulbs in the back of the dash and it still didn't work. As I was doing work on something else underneath the dash I happened to notice that a little socket was not connected to the dimmer switch, plugged that in and low and behold the dash lights work perfectly. Don't you just love it when people work on cars when they don't know what they are doing? Anyway, the car has been both a pain in the ass and a blast to work on and drive. I am going for a rally-inspired look and feel with the car, so its never going to get slammed or big rims. It's mostly gentle performance mods with a few aesthetic details. The next thing I really need to work on is the steering and suspension. Now that I have a good set of wheels and tires, I need new driveshafts and linkages if I'm ever going to get it onto a rallycross track. Little update on the GravelArt515 car, I have now begun the CalClub RallyCross championship in Southern California. I placed 5th in class on my first race and am looking forward to many more races in the high desert. I have spent the last two years re-building the car, replacing and/or modifying almost every aspect of it, as seen in the build list. Next I am looking to get some Gravel Rally tires, rally specific suspension, and hopefully a rear disc brake conversion. I am also sponsored by RevAutoSupply #revfam and looking for more partnerships in this process.

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