Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
6 Speed JDM Manual

I've owned the car coming up on two years here in January. It started essentially stock with a Cobb Catback and a Stage 1 OTS Accessport tune. Within a couple months I added an STi VF39 Turbo and had it pro-tuned, which made a huge difference. Eventually after maybe too many launches and 1/4 mile runs, the 5 speed 3rd gear cratered on an EASY shift on Thanksgiving. I managed to find a relatively cheap JDM Short Ratio 6 speed and did the swap with the help of a couple buddies. The swap went great and the 6 Speed is likely my favourite modification to this car so far. Beginning winter of 2015 I noticed the car seemed to be consuming oil relatively fast, and a leak down test proved that the fourth cylinder was failing. After saving up for a couple months and with the help of a couple smaller scholarship savings, I was able to get a Rallispec Street Value Shortblock with Forged Rods/Pistons and nitrated OEM STi crankshaft. A year later, the car is tuned on a Forced Performance 71HTA turbo to 275/275. There is lots of room for more power out of this turbo and fuel setup, however I need to get a new wastegate spring to hold more power and plan on going external wastegate for springtime. Current power goals on this setup are around 300whp.

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[]Tom Armstrong

I’m sure the FP turbo is making more than 275 hp lol

[]Jeff Georg

I wish haha! The turbo is more than capable of way more power/boost, but I chose to cheap out and buy a chinese wastegate actuator, won't hold over 17lbs of boost. I have a precision external wastegate going in very soon and she'll be on the dyno for another round!

[]Tom Armstrong


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