350 HP
320 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3280 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
5.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
18 MPG
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        This is my 1995 ford mustang 5.0, I have owned this car since 2006, I have had several diffrent setups over the years, motors, rims etc. My current setup/ mod list is as follows. It's pretty much a 306 H/C/I full bolt ons. 306 C.I Stock 302 95 truck block (decked .50) Honed/ bored. stock crank (cleaned etc) crank and rod bearings stock 95 mustang rods. ARP hardware / bolts Speed Pro Hyper Pistons .30 over Federal Mogul rings / speed pro etc. (306 C.I) 10 to 1 compression. Trickflow TW heads track heat. stage 1 port(hand port /clean up) machine shop did valve job. ed curtis lSX high Rev Valve springs. heads port matched/ gasket matched to lower intake. and shaved. match lower block / heads. Trickflow Track heat intake lower intake ported / gasket matched to heads. Comp Cams XE274HR Cam (Cam Specs 274/282 -224/232. lift .555//565 lift. .112 Lobe) Trickflow gasket set all around. edelbrock intake elbow. 75mm BBK throttlebody/(idle drill mod.) Stack Racing CAI with K&N filter. k&n oil breather filter. MSD ignition / distributor ford racing plug wires. ford racing oil filter. BBK ceramic coated long tubes. BBK shorty x pipe Hi flow cats. SLP LM1 catback/ mufflers. Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft Tremec tk0500 5 speed transmission *(tk0600 input ouput shaft upgrade to 31 spline)* SPec stage 2 clutch Spec Aluminum Flywheel Ford racing heavy duty pilot and throw out bearing. Steeda firewall adjuster stock rear end welded axle tubes/ stock axles. 3.73 ford racing gears. stock welded diff cover. all new bushings. maximum motor sports control arms. Lakewood lower control arms. Tokico Ajustable shocks SVE lowering springs (1.5 inch drop) Pa industries Alternator 130amp Saleen Replica 18''inch chrome rims. Pirellie p zero 255/35 tires all around. 94-04 Ford Racing Cobra PBR/Brembo brake kit (Brembo Front slotted Rotors/PBR stock"COBRA front calipers) HAWK Ceramic pads all around. Stain less steel brake lines/ new brake fluid. Rear stock gt calipers. Power slot slotted rotors Hawk pads. Cosmetic: 96-98 tail lights "rear 'MUSTANG GT "black BUMPER insert stickers Rear bumper valance painted black. kaenan s281 style black lip spoiler to match. 94-98 "smoked" black stock style oem cobra headlights. sylvania white headlights. American Muscle carbon fiber dash / interior Trim Upgrade. BBK cobra style white face gauge speedo cluster / gauge inserts. Ford Racing bullit/cobra/ mach 1 style gas / clutch brake pedal kit. Ford racing leather 03-04 cobra style 5 speed shift knob MGW orange short shifter. other smalle things etc. car has been on the dyno few times diffrent dynos / tunes. a conservative safe tune the car puts down around 320-350rwhp and 320tq n/a. on a "race " tune with more timing still on 94 octane pump gas more agressive it put down 361rwhp and 330tq n/a. all motor. this was with shorty headers. on a less aggresive tune on 93 octane pump with less timing a "SAFE TUNE" it put 330rwhp and 326tq. I swapped the mid pipe out last year after I hit a pot hole and ripped my old bassani mid pipe apart and dented :( , so i used it as a chance to upgrade to the current long tubes and mid pipe re tune see if i could pick up some mid range power. but I was dumbfounded and the car only put down around 295-300rwhp. the shop tunning it said thats normal. but I told them what it made for power before, he said it was a high reading dyno, I knew something was wrong dont care what he said , So I did a leak down test and compression check, and I was right , found out cylinder 1 and 2 was not good, had no compression in 2 cylinders, So not bad only 6 cylinders and still l put down 295-300rwhp. so I just did a fresh rebuild on the engine again :( , so it was pulled apart checked the heads/ bottom end. new bearings/ for crank and rods. new pistons and rings. block was honed and cleaned again :( , heads sent to a machine shop new valves etc, but hasnt been back on the dyno yet for a retune, but on a dyno jet this setup seems to be around 320-350rwhp. I would hope around 350rwhp with a fresh tuen. but im broke so not planning on touching it leaving it with the old tune and just gonna drive it.

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