170 HP
140 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2650 LB
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

I've actually owned five of these things. I've had everything from super base model, to fully loaded SRT ACR. In general, they've all been completely reliable and fun to drive. I really like the way they handle and I can't argue with how cheap they are to work on and modify. This is Neon number five for me. I'd been daily driving a lifted Jeep for a while and I wanted something smaller, lighter, and more economical. Naturally, I started looking at Neons, since I knew them so well. I happened to come upon this 103k mile, adult owned, stock R/T on Craigslist for really cheap. I paid cash for it and haven't looked back. It suffered from piston slap when I bought it. Rather than going through the effort of a rebuild, I just replaced the bottom end with a brand new Mopar short block (that I painted Hemi orange). I ported the head and the intake manifold myself. I had the head shaved to bump the compression up to 10.5:1 and I installed new valves. I replaced every single gasket, seal, and belt on the engine when I reassembled it. It's basically new under the hood. It's been fun. Not very fast, but fun nonetheless. It makes a great DD. 

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homepage tile photo for RPF1s are on.
RPF1s are on.

I've wanted a set of these for years and I'm pretty stoked to finally have them mounted. My only co

[]Tom Armstrong

Love these, too bad they don’t have a 15x9

[]Jeremy Johnston

I know. I really wanted a 16x8, but I had to step up to a 17 to get the width. There are a lot of great 15 and 16 inch wheels out there with 8 and 9 inch widths, but they're all 4x100. I wish these companies would start offering more five lug patterns in those sizes.

[]Tom Armstrong

This is why I went to Konig 15x8 and 15x9 for less than $120 each

[]Jeremy Johnston

Konig was my second choice for this car, but they were 16x7. They do make some decently weighted wheels for good prices.

[]Tom Armstrong

Yep, and they flow-form just like Enkei

[]Ernie Szots


[]Jeremy Johnston


homepage tile photo for SRT swap on the way.
SRT swap on the way.

I recently picked up a 2.4 Turbo long block from an SRT-4. I've begun tearing it down for a rebuild

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[]Christopher Johnson

I saw an older generation Neon at Summit Point in September, it was caged and everything. Very cool little sleeper! It was hanging with Spec Miatas...

[]Jeremy Johnston

They're some of the best handling FWD cars ever and they make excellent sleepers. No one expects these things to be fast, and for good reason.

[]Antoni Dabrowski

I've seen one of these absolutely kill Evos and STis at an autocross

[]Jeremy Johnston

Yeah, they're pretty underrated in the handling department. Back when I had my SRT-4 ACR version, I took it to an HPDE at Portland International Raceway. I was pulling away from STis, BMWs, C4 Vettes, and all kinds of nice cars. The ACR was almost completely stock, too. No power adders. These non turbo variants aren't fast in a straight line, but they can handle with the best of them.

[]Sheldon Hall

Heard these things are very fun to modify. So this would be the 6th one you've owned?

[]Jeremy Johnston

No, it's the fifth. Hopefully my last. I'm just taking all the stuff I liked about the previous ones and combining them into one car. Sort of a greatest hits. They're cheap and easy to work on, so I'm having fun with it until I can pick up an "adult" car.

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