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Jerry Iley

20yr old enthusiast in Greenville, SC. Member of the Kulture Car Club
Jerry Iley681 days ago

I'm gonna have to get a new engine for the Speed6. Goodbye future paychecks 😒

Jerry Iley681 days ago

I'm gonna have to get a new engine for the Speed6. Goodbye future paychecks 😒

Jerry Iley703 days ago

Just installed a couple 8" LED combo flood/spot light bars on Sabrina. Cause it doesn't matter what you drive, if you love in the south, AUX lights are a must in the back roads at night.

Jerry Iley705 days ago

Is there any other MazdaSpeed6 owners that might be able to provide some insight concerning wheel fitment? I'm looking at getting a new set of wheels, and I'm going through a lot of research to try and see what might fit and look good on my MazdaSpeed6. This will be my very first time buying a new set of wheels, so of course I'm nervous about wheel fitment/rubbing. Judging by the width I'm looking at getting and how low

Jerry Iley710 days ago

Fresh wash and sunny weather = nice pics Although the leaves and insects of early fall threatened to fall into and stick to all the orifices I spent 30 mins cleaning out (mainly under the windshield/wiperblades) I'm ready for winter to roll around and all the leaves stop falling into my car and all the squirrels to stop running all over my hood.

Jerry Iley716 days ago

I definitely want to get a Cobb Accessport next, maybe by tax season I'll be able to get one πŸ™πŸ»

Jerry Iley725 days ago

Just installed my first ever quick-release steering wheel system and I'm loving it. I still have to figure out how to get the horn to work without cutting wires (cause I'm nervous AF about cutting the splicing the wrong wires and starting a fire or f-ing up my cars electrical system) as well as turning off my airbag light. It's not much of a big deal, but with my OCD it will bug me sooner or later.

Jerry Iley733 days ago

Had an impromptu photo shoot in the empty parking garage an hour before the Kulture Media car meet with my beautiful model (my Fiancée) 😊

Jerry Iley747 days ago

Trying decide what car I should buy next: - Lexus IS300 - 1st gen Miata - S2000 - Nissan 350z - Nissan 240sx/200sx

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