140 HP
152 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2700 LB
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
5 spd manual
MPG (City/Highway)
15 MPG
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        My first truck was a '92 Hardbody Nissan. I loved it to death. I drove that truck for exactly 51 weeks and blew it up on I-10 in Florida on the way home from Spring Break '11. So I kept it with intentions of putting a new motor in it and never could, so I ended up selling it. 2 years and 5 vehicles later (I got to where I liked to trade trucks a lot for a bit) I was in a position to buy another '92 HB. So I got this one for $2000, put $80 in the brakes, and put about 100k on it over 2 years with pizza delivery(3 times), paper delivery, trips to Illinois. Then March '15, it went ka-putt and I stored it in the same spot I stored the first one when it blew. July '16 I got to put a newer engine in it with WAY less miles. Just a stock motor. This truck is factory with no a/c and no power steering. I plan to put a Graveyard Motorsports Stage 3 KA24DE from a first gen Frontier and a 370Z 6 spd manual in it. Then I want to put a Garrett turbo on it. I want to do tube upper and lower control arms with coilovers, eliminating the torsion bars. Late 90s Honda Passport Dana 44 rear end with a link setup(Haven't decided between parallel 4 link w/ Watts link OR triangulated 4 link), coilovers, boxed frame, new Wilwood brakes w/ hydraulic e-brake. Because drift truck. It looks like it's going to be $15k-$20k. But I'd rather daily drive something fun for that price than some mundane, ordinary commuter car. An alternate plan for the suspension is to do Toyota hub swap up front and a Ford 8.8" rear end. Cuz I really like Fifteen52 Tarmacs.

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