148 HP
152 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2991 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

Well this car is the successor to my first real car which was a 2000 Sunfire GT. After it's untimely demise this car ended up in my lap and I've been loving every minute of it since. The car came with some Enkai M52 rims wrapped in Fuzion UHP tires and a K&N Typhoon CAI which was good enough for me at the time. After awhile I wanted more from it and decided to chase my car modifying dreams. First thing I decided to do was to get some rear discs. After some hunting I found a sweet deal on a complete axle and hub swap with LSJ brakes, hubs and control arms all around. With the new hubs I needed new rims so decided to go with some stock polished aluminum 18" wheels. From there I did changed everything to do with suspension and the only thing that hasn't been touched in the suspension/steering of the car is the steering rack and front swaybar. After a year or so with the LSJ rims i decided to pick up Some LNF rims and powdercoat them gold and wrap them with Nitto nt555 g2 tires and am loving every minute of it. Also added on a 2.5" Tsudo stainless steel cat back that can be a little ricey at times but ultimately sounds pretty decent to me.As hard as it was I decided to go the route of handling before power which was a difficult task because of how slow the 2.2 is. But she handles almost as good as shes going to without spending a fortune on coilovers and 200 tread-wear tires. Next step is Supercharging this car which is hopefully going to be done by the beginning of summer so i can unleash it on my local track. I'm super excited for the future of this car and hope to have it ripping around the track by the end of this car season!

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