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Jessica Pomerleau

Jessica Pomerleau153 days ago

Do I smell a Subaru for sale πŸ€”


[]Ernie Szots

Whoa! Really?

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Yeah, I'm starting to get bored and want something a little more recent.

[]Maggie Johnson

Nice picture😍

[]Christopher McDowell EL

This is a clean ass fall shot

Jessica Pomerleau157 days ago

My gas cap sticker bomb is coming alone nice 😏

[]Maggie Johnson

This looks awesome😍

Jessica Pomerleau172 days ago

So I finished my nail course! I chose purple to match the Suby πŸ’œ Kinda proud of myself even if most people think it's silly πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Give me a follow on insta and if you're ever in the area and need some nice nails you know who to find 😁

Jessica Pomerleau173 days ago

The SubieFestival πŸ˜πŸ’™

Jessica Pomerleau173 days ago

Orange, black and yellow πŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ’› #random

Jessica Pomerleau173 days ago

So I've been inactive cuz this weekend I worked doubles and this week started off with my nail artist course!! Tomorrow is the official test but I'm very confident I will pass. Can't wait to start working as a "technician" πŸ˜„ Gotta pay for those car parts!!!! This is a pic of my own nails I did today!

Jessica Pomerleau174 days ago

Another one, editing can go a long way!

Jessica Pomerleau174 days ago

Editing makes a difference!!!

Jessica Pomerleau177 days ago

Very unrelated to cars I FOUND A CAT REFUGE CAFÉ It's called Refuge Le Chateau, located in my town Sherbrooke. They have volunteers only, it's a little cafe where you don't "pay" for the drinks, but instead give donations for the cats. There's two main areas. The first is the café, lots of tables and cats just chilling e v e r y w h e r e. It was paradise for a cat lover. And they're mostly all up

[]Sammie Robertson


Jessica Pomerleau179 days ago

Little throwback since winter is finally over!!!

Jessica Pomerleau180 days ago

So happy this white shit is finally gone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jessica Pomerleau180 days ago

Not car related, but changed my hair πŸ˜„

Jessica Pomerleau181 days ago

Sticker game level : unicorn πŸ¦„

Jessica Pomerleau182 days ago

Silly little cell phone pic, but today was great. Finally some nice weather, I can finally believe summer is on its way!! #spring #random

Jessica Pomerleau184 days ago

Very old pic from when I first got this baby!

Jessica Pomerleau185 days ago

Sigh... warm weather is supposed to be here in two weeks

Jessica Pomerleau186 days ago

Nails done = pic with the steering wheel

Jessica Pomerleau187 days ago

Never thought about it til now, if anyone wants to give a follow on Insta I'm @subiegirlwrx . And for those already following, thanks for the support!!!! #carporn #sideshot #shoutout

Jessica Pomerleau188 days ago

Dont they both look so good? πŸ˜πŸ”

Jessica Pomerleau188 days ago

Two beasts 😈

Jessica Pomerleau188 days ago

Been a little busy with non car things lately !


[]Jared Dainis

What kinds of things?

[]Jessica Pomerleau

My personal life πŸ˜‚ school work etc

Jessica Pomerleau191 days ago

#carporn #brazzers #noedit

Jessica Pomerleau193 days ago

An old shot with some friends πŸ–€

Jessica Pomerleau194 days ago

(Having trouble uploading let me know if you can see the pic) Crappy photo

[]Ernie Szots

Pic is visible.

Jessica Pomerleau195 days ago

So in love with these lug nuts. Best "little" thing I've added to my beast πŸ’œ


[]Ernie Szots

I've been thinking about going with some but there are sooo many options. Not sure what I'd get. Was thinking black but I kinda like the chrome breaking up the black a bit. Wouldn't want to go with red, but blue wouldn't make sense...

[]Christopher McDowell EL

Keep 'em clean now

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