235 hp
Engine size
2.3 L
4 Spd
12-14 psi

I came home the day after I was born in the backseat of this damn wagon. 17 years later, I raised it from the dead after it was stored for 8 years because the rear window had been broken in a hurricane. It became my first car, and has faithfully carried me up and down the east coast, got me through college, and kept me sane through it all. It's been the definition of a budget car build doing all my own work without a garage, but I've loved every minute of it. I've replaced every piece of suspension on it and a great deal of maintenance work, upgrading parts as they fail, sometimes repeatedly because cheap parts don't like hard use! It's been a phenomenal car, and has been amazing watching and feeling how it has improved since I first got it on the road. Dropped it 1.4in all around, with rear springs trimmed a half coil. Currently running 12-14psi with a manual boost controller.

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