215 wheel HP
170-ish LB-FT
Curb Weight
2750 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26-29.5 MPG

YouTube Channel: "Jackie Ding" Instagram: @JackieJDing This is one of those things you know you shouldn't do, but decided to do it anyway... After some long debate, I became the owner of this 2007 Honda S2000 AP2. I really wanted an AP1, but was told a defiant "NO" after the debacle of the AE86. This time, my family said, you better not dump money on it like you did with the other car. Sure, sure. Took it to its first track day and quickly realized the brakes were no good. First a set of Project Mu B-Specs and 335 fluids sorted the problem, but brakes had been a recurring issue of this otherwise fabulous car. A pair of CR anti-roll bars were installed after the car felt like a boat at the autocross. Then I decided to do Gridlife (i.e. IRL Forza Horizon festival) and to run Time Attack, similar rules to GTA Enthusiast Class except 200tw tires. There the real modifications began. 
First, a bunch of aero work, including a new OEM front lip and 3 different rear spoiler/wing, and the car was looking reasonably racy. Suspension was changed to a set of CR shocks with the excellent Swift Springs. Ballade Sport Roll Hoop enabled the use of the Sparco 6-point harness and also Sparco Evo bucket seats, and we changed the exhaust to Greddy Ti-C for mainly weight reduction. Brakes were upgraded once again with Hawk DTC 70 front and 60 rear, Stoptech STR600 fluids; stainless steel brake lines. A set of new Enkei PF01s wrapped in the "Jesus Tires" Bridgestone Potenza RE71R were purchased and driven to the limit. The mods kept coming as the season progressed and competition heated up. The Shocks were first upgraded to Teins Type Flex coilovers w/ EDFC II, before finally getting a sponsorship from Stance Suspensions and receiving a set of custom-valved XR1s. To improve aero efficiency further, an eBay-sourced CR-replica lip and an Mugen-replica hardtop were installed to compliment the CR-rep wing. With the hardtop on, the powered soft top was removed to get rid of a big chunk of weight. A K&N FIPK intake was added as well as a PLM header, tuned on the Hondata Flashpro by Mikey from MSpec Tuning. The brakes were further improved with a DIY Brake Duct solution from BaoHouse Racing as well as Stoptech Directional Vented rotors. As the 2017 season come to a close, we scored podium finishes in all five events, got a HPDE+ Class win at Autobahn Country Club, and took home 3rd in season points. Not bad for a car that started the season bone-stock. Plans for 2018 are already rolling, with a livery in the works, plenty more mods to come, and maybe even traveling to California for the GTA Super Lap Battle.

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homepage tile video photo for S2000 VS Civic Type R
S2000 VS Civic Type R

Tried to chase down a Civic Type R FK8 in my S2000!

homepage tile video photo for Time Attack at Gridlife!
Time Attack at Gridlife!

Here's how we got on at Gridlife @ GingerMan Raceway!