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Just a car guy from PA. Please excuse my crappy cell phone pictures. I really have no idea what I am doing
Joe Cipriani III213 days ago

#diy #teamwheel #brakejob #n20 #familycar #forthebuild #bmw #x1 #2015 The brake job for this car is pretty straight forward. In fact they are the same brakes as the E8x(excluding the 135i/is), E9x and F30 non-M BMWs so this guide should apply to those models as well. As a little bonus I painted the caliper and disk brake drums. Since the old stuff was pretty rusty looking I figured painting them black would make everything look nice. I am

Joe Cipriani III234 days ago

#newmod #review #teamwheelwell #forthebuild #trackcar #rims #bmw #135i #turbo #n55 #rcomp On a never ending mission for the best track times, I turned my attention to the rims. The goal here is not to lose weight but to increase grip. With the stock front tires being woefully inadequate at 215mm wide, the car understeers pretty easily at the track. Moving to a 255mm squared set up will balance out the car tremendously and make it more


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[]Robert Sixto

They seem like a decent budget wheel, which is kind of perfect for track use if you aren't sponsored or independently wealthy. I knew someone that had a set of TR Motorsports wheels and tracked them extensively without issue. Regarding the weight difference, it seems like in the beginning of your write up, the wheels were in fact lighter, was it the tires that put them over the top? I imagine it's going to be tough to beat the factory set up when upsizing that much, without going a fully forged lightweight wheel.

[]Joe Cipriani III

Yes you are correct! The tires were what put them over the top. I figured they were going to be a heavier in the front since my stock tire size was only a 215 and the RSRRs are a 255. the rears were what surprised me since I was only going up 10mm.

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Adding a new air intake is one of the simplest modifications to do to any car. It improves throttle response, makes awesome noises and sometimes they just look good. An intake by itself usually will not produce more power. Once the car has a tune and the turbo needs to breathe easier is when an intake becomes necessary. Most intakes here are offered in an oil media. Unlike traditional panel filters, oiled filters are reusable but do not filter the

Joe Cipriani III376 days ago

With the Walboro 267 you will be able to run as much e85 as the Fuelit! Stage 2 kit . The total cost for everything was around 80 bucks with everything included. There are two models of this Walboro, the 267 and the 274. The 274 is a different design and offers a higher psi than the 267. You can find the DIY for that model here: I also stole some pictures from this thread because I either forgot

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Who needs a plow when you have a splitter haha

Joe Cipriani III455 days ago

This little thing comes on Monday and I am so excited to put it in. I will be able to run up to e60 and with Port Injection I can run 100% e85. This is the same pump thats in the Fuel It! Stage 2 LPFP that sells for 400 bucks. Why spend 400 when you can spend 50 bucks and grab a friend and some brews and bang it out in an hour. Or 5. Never know. #135i #n55

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It cracked 40 degrees in PA last week so to celebrate the heat wave I took Betty out for a drive. Had to take a couple of photos. Still had salt and water on the road so she is a little dirty. #BMW #Bimmer #1er #1series #135i #n55 #turbo #Twinscroll #Trackcar #DCT


[]Robert Sixto

I love these 1 series', this and the E46 M3 are the two I'd love to own one day.

[]Joe Cipriani III

I would love to own an e46 M3 too haha they are a much better track car

[]Robert Sixto

You think so? I always considered the 1 series to be a reboot of the E46 M3

[]Joe Cipriani III

In sprite it definitely is but the e46 is by far the better track car.

[]Robert Sixto

Lighter weight is a factor I'd imagine?

[]Joe Cipriani III

Yeah Lighter weight is definitely a factor. The e46 is also longer, wider and shorter than the 1er and the M3 has a limited slip diff while the 1er is an open diff.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

Congrats! we had two days back in the 50's, and now we are back in the teens! Glad you got the car out for a little bit!

[]Joe Cipriani III

Nice! I would love to have 50 degree weather right now haha

[]Chris Dirkschneider

I would like it back.... LOL. We have had negative windchills for a few days straight now!

[]Joe Cipriani III

Oh man its the wind that kills me haha

Joe Cipriani III515 days ago

So three months later I finally finished up the brake ducts. No more ghetto looking PVC piping showing haha #bmw #135i #n55 #turbo #e82 #diy #brakes

Joe Cipriani III517 days ago

Just wanted to share some pictures I took last month. I like to think I did a good job haha I may need to do some quality adjustments from now on when uploading here... #bmw #135i #e82 #n55 #turbo #wheelwell #bmwcca #ecstuning #wagnertuning #burgertuning #vrsf #bmwperformance #mperformance

Joe Cipriani III633 days ago

Went to our cars and coffee on Saturday. We had a huge turn out despite the sun and awful humidity.I think I am getting a little better at this photography thing but I can't figure out this imagine sharpen thing.

Joe Cipriani III641 days ago

After fixing the blown coolant hose I went out to Pocono with a few friends.  It rained for the majority of the day but it did dry up in time for the 3rd session.  The car did fantastic in the rain but I do not think I did. I felt like I was missing apexes and not braking late.  The EBC reds are not cutting it anymore. I was expecting to spin out at least once since the car


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Driving fast on a wet track is actually pretty tough, and can result in more than a few 'pucker' moments. Wet line being totally different. I discovered that the hard way at my first wet lapping day and it was a shock. Id have a hard time pushing the car in the wet for that reason. Fortunately my experience was at Mosport's DDT, which is pretty low consequence. I think taking your time in the rain definitely results in learning more about your car in particular and car control in general.

[]Joe Cipriani III

It did! I found a happy medium on how much throttle to use without spinning out. I now need to work on brake cooling.

Joe Cipriani III651 days ago

I finally got around to post something. On the 26th I went to the track for the first time and ran the 1er. It was an amazing experience besides for two things but I will get to that in a bit.  A buddy of mine, his friend and myself went to Pittsburgh International Race Complex to thrash around our cars. I ran in the novice group, obviously, and apparently we had a large group. 30 or 40 of us


[]Basir Khan

That E46 looks hot!

[]Jon Nelson

Nice, a track day will reveal any deficiencies in your car. My oil pressure dropped real low, last year, with heat build up. I now have an oil cooler.


Nice, way to get after it! Some pretty sick shots too.

[]Ernie Szots

Super cool.