420 HP
480 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3240 LB
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
Dual Clutch
MPG (City/Highway)
lol MPG
Number of times broken down
6 Times

After the loss of the e46 I needed to find something else BMW.  After some research I decided on a 135i. A few buddies had 135i's and they were, at least I like to think, a moderation of the e46 styling and chassis. I also had to pick something without a clutch since the wife doesn't know how to drive a manual. The auto n55 135 would be best since it has a dual clutch instead of a torque converter.  I luckily found this car locally and jumped on the chance as soon as I could.  It wasn't the color combo I was looking for but I was running out of time with the rental as it was almost a month since the accident. The car has been amazing with it's turbo and tunability.  Granted it's not as much as the n54 version but I want the suspension to be faster than the engine just like in the e46. As it sits I can see some of the e46 styling mostly with the headlights, taillights and interior layout.  It does not feel as great on the road but makes a bunch more power.  I am hoping to get it to the feeling and handling of the e46 in this e82.

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