250 HP
275 lb-ft
Low pressure turbo
Boost pressure
10 PSI

Grey Duck Story I was never really a Volvo fan until I heard the sound of my friends 850R. After that I started looking for an 850 or a S60. I found this V70 in 2014 after my 1995 855 turbo was totalled in a junk yard (another story for another time). Searching all over the web, this V70 was only listed for a couple days when I found it. I'm the second owner and I'm loving it. After less than a year, I decided to start the transformation process. I started with the exhaust, because who wants a quiet 5 cylinder? 3 inch cat-back exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler. Shortly after that I made my own version of the IPD short ram air filter kit. Yes, I know it doesn't really do anything useful but I love hearing the turbo. I did some temperature testing with the stock air box verses my custom air box and the temperature is slightly lower after normal driving conditions. Behind that, I found a local guy selling the Snabb fresh air intake pipe. So now she can inhale and exhale very efficiently. Then of course, to take advantage of the exhaust and intake systems, I went with Hilton Tuning and their Stage 1 tune. Once I got the tune installed, the engine is so much more lively and slightly better MPGs. Suspension wise, I upgraded the old worn out shocks and struts with Bilstein Touring versions. It's a little stiff around town but very sharp on twisty back roads. IPD sway bar links and lower control arms keep the body roll to a minimum. Then there are the poly subframe bushing inserts that keep the front end stable under heavy braking, so much better after installation. I haven't really done anything in the cabin other than all new Kenwood speakers, ceramic window tint and GROM Audio bluetooth receiver. Now a couple silly experimental things that I ended up keeping. I know they will sound stupid but, it's my car, I can do what I want to it. Rear chassis brace for less than $20 from the hardware store. I used 1 inch square steel tubing to bolt into the rear floor between the rear shocks. It makes the rear suspension feel much more rigid and I can tell what the back end is doing now. The wheels are now a gun metal color because I was a little bored one day and I wanted the car to look a little more stealthy. I love the result but one day I will get new bigger wheels to replace them (Pegs are calling my name). After an unfortunate grocery store incident, my rear bumper had an ugly scuff that really stood out. I've been looking for a new cover but they are stupid expensive and I'm not made out of money. So, first I took some black paint to cover up the scuff to make a faux diffuser looking section, but you could still see the scuff. I cut up kitchen cutting board and attached 5 triangle pieces to the bottom of the bumper and sprayed the section with black truck bed liner. I know it's a little unconventional, but I've been asked a couple times what body kit I have for my rear bumper and people never expect to hear I made it myself. If you've read this far into my Grey Ducks story, I really appreciate your intrest. Lowering springs and a front mount intercooler are my next upgrades, I hope. I think I'm going to take a step back for a little while and enjoy the car and take care of some maintenance stuff. It's been a fun ride and I'm a Volvo fan for life.

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