181 HP
??? LB-FT
Curb Weight
2100 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

I had been looking for a small sports car that was easy and cheap to work on that I could drive during the week and maybe race on the weekends with scca. I was on YouTube and found a guy by the name of Greg Peter's who had turbo charged his miata and inspired me to get one to turbo charge it, so I started looking. About 2 weeks later this miata showed up not even a mile from my house and it happened to be the generation and motor I wanted. The mods: mainly I am doing maintenance in preparation for a turbo and I want to make sure everything is healthy enough to accept one. So the engine is close to stock next to the k&n that's on it. Most of everything so far is visual. I have done custom white gauges with green back light, green interior light. Green lug nuts. I updated the headlights and retrofitted HIDs. Debadged and did bumper cuts on the from and back. Did a custom stereo and made a custom sub box that utilizes the wheel well. Installed a wing and a Strut tower bar. New switches for a new ecu thats coming, with a custom mounting plate. And a shift knob. At the moment the flyin miata Strut tower bar has been the best mod based on price and the fact that it is great quality and the fact that it fits perfectly. So far it has been primarily visual mostly because those mods are cheap but the turbo is coming SOON! 

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homepage tile photo for Turbo stage 1 complete!
Turbo stage 1 complete!

The turbo project has taken much longer than originally anticipated and even once completed I was c

homepage tile photo for Turbo build
Turbo build

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates on the cars I will be posting all the pics from the miata bu

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Gonna start getting the small things taken care of so the turbo can drop in. Oil reroute, oil feed,

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[]Joe Holdeman

So it begins! The turbo build is happening this weekend!!!!

[]Joe Holdeman

Finally got all of the turbo parts in and can start working on it in a few weeks!

[]Joe Holdeman

New wheels coming soon

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