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        bought from california in 2015, shipped to massachusetts three years later, used it to move to california, using a thule roof box and a german style tow hitch (purchased used for $500 from schmiedmann https://www.schmiedmann.com/cms/en/used-bmw-parts) with a 1500lb uhaul enclosed trailer Google sheet holding all my repair and mod details but i haven't kept it to up date recently https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JCOOb6N8cuxzsIXRCTnHows0q9K5wztjNyqboOLH-w0/edit?usp=sharing Future plans: -MANUAL SWAP! (incredibly involved, will take a month or two, and $2000 in parts) -poly bushings all over the suspension, and general suspension refresh -M5 lookalike mirrors with heating, autodimming, and auto folding -Android auto headunit, probably an Avant 4, along with front and rear parking cameras -ST X performance coilovers and rear shocks, the only thing designed to work with the stock rear air springs on the wagon -Wire the DRL angel eyes into the interior lights, so they fade on when the car unlocks at night

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