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        LONG TERM PROJECT: CorVolt, the electric c3 The black c3 is mine, and the green c3 pic is garrett randall's canyon carver widebody build, an inspiration for this build this build even has a theme song, something to capture the character of the car, Ruthless, from the chaos theory ost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSvmXTycs18

        1971 corvette built into a pro touring, pro daily type thing After about a year of driving it, learning the platform, making it very livable...I'll go under the knife for an EV swap, with some vague performance targets like: -ballpark of 500 wheel horsepower using a tesla model 3 performance rear motor, with custom motor mounts welded onto the frame. -ballpark of 100 miles of range, using about 36kw of high power but low energy density batteries (like chevy volt or chysler pacifica hybrid batteries, 350 volts nominal and no voltage sag under heavy load) -CCS fast charging capable, 0-80% in 20 minutes is the speed goal, making it viable for longer journeys DIY EV forums thread on the project: https://www.diyelectriccar.com/forums/showthread.php/corvolt-1971-corvettes-journey-electric-canyon-202963.html C3 forums thread on the project https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c3-general/4362171-corvolt-the-71-restomod-journey-to-electric.html the current upgrades and mods list are as follows, which the previous owner installed over the last few years, there's still some unknowns i need to investigate, hence the ???: Interior * Lizard skin underneath * dynamat covering everything (doors and t tops too?) * Vintage air system with a/c compressor (#964173) * Kicker rear speakers (ks46? ks68? ks69?) *Unknown (for now) replacement dash speakers * Alpine MRV-F300 4 channel amp * Autosound USA-630 single din headunit * flaming river steering wheel * wheel adapter: FR2000VT-AD * horn button: FR20151HRN * flaming river steering column (which one?) * FR1798-7 double u joint * Signal stalks: FR20112APL Suspension * 18x?? Coy wheels * Hydro boost brakes (hydratech model #3007, manual to power brake conversion) * TRW composite rear monospring, part# 602101103105 * ??? bushings * ??? bilstein ?? shocks front and rear * ?? front springs * ?? brakes * ?? rotors * Steeroids power steering rack * Stock trailing arms Drivetrain * ZZ4 performance 350 crate motor * holley H19080670 street avenger carb * promaster ignition coil: #29450 * Hydramax Hydraulic clutch (american powertrain kit) * Science friction clutch (model?) * DeWitts "high performance aluminum radiator" * ?? electric fan * american powertrain corvette profit3 5-speed transmission kit (tremec tko500) * ?? chrome alternator * ?? air cleaner * ?? exhaust, custom, rear exit, two Pyper performance Street Pro mufflers, X pipe * ??? fuel pump, not EFI ready Chassis * Acid dipped and powder coated frame * "Air craft quality stainless steel bolts"? Exterior * Long big block hood * Vacuum wiper door system removed

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