262 HP
291 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3435 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
19 MPG

I was looking for this wagon for about 6 months.  I wanted a White, Blue, or Red Legacy GT Wagon with the 5MT.  I found this one with mods that I would have done and all records.  It had higher mileage than I would prefer, but was well maintained.  It also had a burnt exhaust valve.  I purchased it a month ago and flew out to Cleveland to pick it up and drive back.  It made the trip back to Colorado.  I am currently buying parts to rebuild the motor and heads.  I will be doing the work and assembly.  Biggest job I have ever undertaken by far.  Wish me luck.Update: The car is up and running. Having a blast with it. I have a new tune, so it is down on power from when I got it. It was tuned at IAG Performance at sea level and 93 octane. It is now tuned here at Revolutions Performance at 6500' elevation and about 65 degrees out with no correction factor on a Dynomite Dyno.

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homepage tile photo for Smoking Tire One Take
Smoking Tire One Take

So after repairing the car and getting it road worthy I contacted Matt Farrah of the Smoking Tire.

[]Sebastian Nounou

Cool shit. Nice to know he's as genuine in person as he appears.

Maybe one day I'll plan a trip out there and see if he's interested.

[]Joe McWilliams

Best of luck with it.

[]Bosco Li

Nice! Cant wait for the video! I really want him to drive my car and give me some feedback but I guess my car didn't peek his interest. Nice build btw.

[]Joe McWilliams

It is out. It was Monday last week.

[]Rafael Mendoza

That's awesome! I had scheduled to go on with him but got married so I had to postpone. Hoping I can save up some $ to go soon

[]Joe McWilliams

Good luck with it. It was a fun experience for sure.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Matt is an awesome guy and you did an awesome job - congrats!

[]Joe McWilliams

Thank you.

Discuss this build

[]Gabe Hallett

Hey joe, just saw your One Take video. It seems like your very knowledgeable about these cars. I was wondering if you could be a source of wisdom of sorts. I’m a junior in highschool and I’ve been devoting almost all of my free time to all things cars for as long as I can remember. I used to drive a Saab 9-5 aero sport wagon until unfortunately my dad crashed it on our way to whistler. Now looking to upgrade to a legacy GT. I’d love to hear any insight from you regarding what to look for when buying one of these, common problems etc. I’d love to hear back from you! My email is hallettgabe@gmail.com if email works better for you.

[]Brian Greene

Any idea where this car was bought from by the ebay seller?

[]Joe McWilliams

Yes Sir I do. I just looked at my maintenance records since I have them and it appears you are the original owner. Thank you for the excellent care you provided. I have been enjoying this car very much. How are you?

[]Brian Greene

What an awesome way to find out about a car you so dearly loved and then find out it ended up in a place I want to be. Thank you so much and the little black covers in the rear of the bed is what gave it away!!!!

[]Joe McWilliams

Were you a bit shocked? I know how I felt when I saw my friends and I in a Fugazi documentary for the first time. By black covers to you mean the cargo mat? Or the round covers near the seats?

[]Brian Greene

Round covers near the seats. They cover the holes that were used to access the tops of coilovers I had installed. I saw the one in the video I was pretty sure that this was my vehicle. You dropped Devon's name in the video and that name seemed familiar.

I was shocked because I know there are very few of these cars available. I think less than 1500 limiteds with a manual transmission since they were only sold in 2005.

[]Brian Fanshel

Saw you and the car on One Take. Great build! I also live in Colorado. I found a 05 outback xt 5speed a few years back and done some basic upgrades, but not as extensive as you have. By far the perfect daily driver. See you on the road!

[]Joe McWilliams

Thank You Brian! Enjoy your new ride. Will you be going to the Rocky Mountain Subaru Festival this year? I am thinking of entering the autocross event. See you around.

[]Brian Fanshel

Unfortunately I couldn't make it down from the mountains for the show. I am hoping to get out to a group meet at some point though.

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