HorSe power
171 WHP
168 Lb-Ft
CUrb weight
3018 Lb
AWD A-Symetrical
Engine size
NA 2.0 L
Automatic CVT
Fuel Economy
26 Combined MPG
Fuel type
91 Octane
1/4 Mile
14.7 Seconds
7.2 Seconds
Top Speed
138 MPH

Purchased this car in 2016 new off the lot. I wanted the Impreza over the WRX since Subaru discontinued the Hatch in 2014. I noticed this was a platform not a lot of people modded making this build more special to me. I chose the base model so I could go through Subaru’s accessory parts list and purchase what I wanted while avoiding unnecessary accessories along with access weight that comes with buying the premium model. I started bone stock with all the specifics and some minor performance upgrades from the dealer. For the longest time I was only able to get the intake, wheels, tires and an axel back exhaust. There wasn’t much support for the platform until about 18 months later when people started modding the Crosstrek. Praise the Offroad and Baja fans for loving this platform! For those who don’t know, a Crosstrek is a lifted Impreza SO all the performance goodies transferred RIGHT over minus some suspension parts. So here I am! My focus is a Track/Show build. I’m keeping it comfortable for the street while still being able to hit the track or some nice twisty back roads which I must say, has been a blast! I keep my parts list updated as far as what’s installed, owned and what’s on the wish list for future plans. You’ll see the majority of this build is from Perrin, they’ve shown Subaru lots of love over the years, making tons of after market for us. Shout out to Perrin Performance! Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to add to this build. Feel free to hit me up as I’m very active on this site.

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