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        Having owned Mustangs as a teen and into my early 20's this was inevitable. The youngest will soon to be out of day care, I just turned 30 and the bride is happy, it seems logical. I bought ny 2017 gt pp, in October of 2019, used with only 3300 km's. It checked all the boxes for myself and my wife. 5.0l, manual, pp. premium. I have always loved my reds, both my '84,'86 were darker reds, but something about grabber blue always got me and lucky for me, my wife. To AutoTrader I went, found it almost instantly, and that was that. Compared to the foxbodys, the s550 is like a Bently. Quiet, tight, refined. But like most car nerds, I can't leave well enough alone. this bright blue bastard needs to remain comfortable on the street. Be able to take the kids for ice-cream without shattering kidneys, even carry a hockey bag(goalie). All the while soaking up a rural back-road feeling composed, not bouncy. Sound badass, have a little more grip, and go like hell. A Mustang GT... S?

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