300 HP
285 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2650 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3. 5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

This is my 1993 Toyota MR2. I am the third owner. I have many of the original things that get lost with time in a car like this such as the original owners manual, all the underbody plastic, the frunk plastic... even the original window sticker. Right now this car is somewhere north of 230,000 miles, and that figure goes up every day. Yes, I daily this car. Unfortunately, while this car was with its second owner, a hail storm came through town and totaled the car. I was speaking with the second owner shortly after the storm. She knew I was looking for a project, so she offered to sell it to me for the insurance buy-back price. For a small amount of money, I now owned a non-turbo MR2 with a salvage title from another state that had to be inspected before I could have it titled/tagged in my home state. The inspection process was not difficult. The only thing I replaced was the front windshield. The car passed inspection with no other work. I soon had my own tags for the car. Once that was finished, I began to do some minor mods while saving for the big ticket item... a 2GR-FE 3.5L V6 along with all the trimmings. The car was 95% stock when I began driving it. The only mods were a set of Eibach springs and KYB adjustable strut inserts. Those items are still on the car. The ride is firm, but not jarring. I have no problem driving the car all day long... my passengers might disagree. I don't remember what my first mod was, but the list is VERY long. At the same time, someone that does not know these cars well might not see many of the mods I've done. I've often used stock Toyota parts from other years/models to have a car that is modified, but still retains stock quality and daily driveability. Of course I'll be adding all the mods over time in the appropriate section, but here's a quick run-down. Wheels / Tires Carbon Fiber Engine Cover 94 JDM Brake Lights 94 Trunk / Wing Rogue Motorsports Headlights Clear Corners Smoked Side Markers Fog Lights Wilwood Brakes Front / Rear Front Brakes use Supra Turbo Front Rotors Rear Brakes use RX8 Sport Front Rotors Stainless Brake Lines Turbo Rear Hubs Turbo Axles Turbo Transmission ACT Clutch Fidanza Flywheel Fuel Pump Fuel Pressure Regulator Black Interior Swap MK3 MR2 Steering Wheel Swap 350Z Leather, Power, Heated Seats Brushed Aluminum gauge trim rings Frankenstein Motorworks Tuned ECU Wire-Gap Inc Engine Harness Dakota Digital Tach Adapter Gouky Swap Kit (Headers, Passenger Mount, Throttle pedal mount) Teflon Coated Spherical Shift Cable Linkage Bushings Shifter Drop Plate Short Shifter Brass Shifter Mount Bushings Interior Fire Extinguisher Mishimoto Radiator Mishimoto Cooling Fans LED Gauge Cluster Bulbs Pioneer NEX4100 Head Unit Clarion whatever Class D 4 Channel Amp Infiniti Component Front Speakers Tang Band Subwoofers in Stock Location / Modified Stock Boxes Alarm (Honestly don't remember the brand. Didn't want an alarm, just wanted keyless entry) Window Control Module for the Alarm Custom Exhaust with Spintech Muffler (Yeah... who is spintech, right? Don't knock it until you hear it.) The build has been completed by myself in my carport / driveway. The only times I've brought someone else in on it is when I did not have the tools to handle something (like mount/balance tires... or when welding seat brackets for the 350Z seat swap.) The engine swap took nearly an entire year of just working a couple hours over the weekend. Most of it was not difficult with the right tools, but I see why some people would give up after a while. When you have a project that drags on for months (or years) it's hard to keep your eye on the prize. With all that being said, there are still quite a few mods I have planned. They will take quit a bit of time since there isn't much mod money being thrown around right now. Planned mods include Carbon Fiber Duckbill Trunk Carbon Fiber Hood - Stock Style... no extra goofy vents Carbon Fiber Headlight Covers Carbon Fiber T-Tops Carbon Fiber reverse light panel Side Skirts... nothing crazy here... mostly just want the center bar out of the side vent Custom Air Intake Complete the A/C system Window Tint New Front Bumper Cover (with NO License Plate Holes) PAINT (Black A pillar, C pillar, mirrors and top, white... possibly pearl white from the beltline down) I'll throw a few more pictures up throughout the ownership of my MR2. In the pictures there may also be pictures of my wife's former 91 MR2, her current 94 MR2, her Jeep, my former 93 Cobra, and my former 13 SHO. Don't know if you can add descriptions to individual pictures yet. I'll figure something out.

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[]DJ Fajardo

Love the gold RPF1's!
Are these the 17x8 +45, 17x9 +45's?

[]Joey Mitchell

Depends on which picture you're looking at. Currently it has 17x8 +45 and 18x8.5 + 45 rear both with a small spacer (7mm, I think). It had 17x9s in the rear, but it would not clear the big brake kit I added.

[]Joey Mitchell

Car is a work in progress. Thanks for coming to check it out.

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