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Engineer, destined to become a car guy growing up around project cars in the driveway and tools in the garage. I'll do anything from off-roading to cruising through the twisties in the canyon.

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homepage tile photo for Speed Week
Speed Week

Went to Bonneville Salt Flats last week for Speed Week! Needless to say, it was awesome. Don't have

homepage tile photo for The Toys
The Toys

Definitely my two favorite toys.  Now I remember why I went to college.  Should I get a less expens

homepage tile photo for Ferrari cruisin
Ferrari cruisin

Was out for a cruise through the canyon when I came across this red pony.  If I had to own somethin

[]Matt Heeley

Nice! Cool find! As much as I enjoy my Rx7, theres a significant amount of project creep, and honestly i dont know if its that much more fun to drive than a stock one. Faster yes, but more fun? Im not sure. Keeping things closeto stock with a car like yours will mean everything will actually work, which is always nice if you like driving as opposed to tinkering

[]Joey Rich

I do like tinkering but driving is always more fun to me. I would try to keep it as Nissan as possible as far as mods go but I am pretty limited. I will be posting everything here though as time goes on so stay tuned.

homepage tile photo for Track build guide
Track build guide

Yo guys, here's my weekend driver.  It's a fantastic daily driver but I do want to get it track rea

homepage tile photo for MAF sensor fix
MAF sensor fix

Well, found a code 12 for Air Flow Meter, took of the MAF's cleaned them, took off cover to check t

homepage tile photo for Build Guides!!
Build Guides!!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm stoked about Wheelwell's new build guide page.  Hopefully we g

[]Andrew Johnson

Thanks Joey, we're excited to get them going. Nothing is ever too specific ;-) What other guides would you like to see? And WHO do you want to see them written by?

[]Joey Rich

Hmmm can never go wrong with an offroad build, pure daily driver build, looks like the canyon cruiser is taken, utility builds (i.e. best sound system build, surf bum build, self-built build). As far as who, no idea??? Would just be fun to see all the crazy builds out there.

[]Andrew Johnson

Fair enough, we'll see what we can do to bring in some good ones!

homepage tile photo for Race Day at UMC
Race Day at UMC

Utah Motorsport Campus, formerly known as Miller Motorsports, has some awesome track days.  I got t

homepage tile photo for JAPAN to USA radio!!!
JAPAN to USA radio!!!

So it turns out that the Japanese Sony head unit that came in the car only hits a 90.0 frequency on

[]Matt Heeley

As far as a head unit, i dont think it matters that much. If you just want tunes, id get one of the digital only head units without a cd player. I have one in my daily driver yaris and i dont miss the CD player at all. I just play from my itunes library or spotify all the time now. Also without the CD player the unit is inly a few inches deep so you have more room for wiring, etc in behind. There was zero room behind the old cd player in my Rx7 so going to one of those head units made sense for having space to run wire looms for gauges behind the dash.

[]Joey Rich

Dang that would've been a good idea. I don't listen to CD's at all anymore and this one does have a player. Oh well, there did seem to be room enough for some more wiring if I ever need it.

[]Matt Heeley

I have prosport gauges abd they are pretty nice. They've got the aesthetic of defi gauges, but without the huge price tag.

[]Joey Rich

I'll need to check those out. I heard if you disconnect the oil temp gauge it'll through a CEL. You heard of that before?

[]Matt Heeley

no, but anything is possible. I don't know how they have those wired. If it's really the case, and you want to replace the gauge, you can always disconnect it, use an ohm meter to check the resistance across the gauge and then solder in resistors totalling that amount so the ECU still thinks there's a gauge there. But an oil temp gauge that's working is worth keeping. I'd add water temp, and maybe a wideband if you're going to do an aftermarket ECU or other tuning.

homepage tile photo for NSX beats the GTR, this time
NSX beats the GTR, this time

And it's another car show.  It's always fun to see other builds and talk with all the enthusiasts o

[]Basir Khan

In an age filled with key fobs, it's refreshing to see actual keys for both cars :)

homepage tile photo for Time for some wheels!!!!
Time for some wheels!!!!

Yo guys/gals, need some advice on getting some new wheels.  These Advan's are cool and all but not

[]Chris Dirkschneider

almost can never go wrong with Enkei RPF1s, but their are a few ADVANS and Volks that would look awesome as well if your budget allows!

[]Joost Van Dien

Plit rims or magnesium! Light and strong.

[]Basir Khan

The R34 wheels looks pretty solid on the R32:

[]Ernie Szots

I'm a sucker for both TE37's and RPF1's on Skylines.

[]Robert Sixto

TE37's are one of those wheels that look great on nearly anything. Also, very appropriate and period correct as Matt mentioned.

[]Matt Heeley

TE37's are baller, and also a period-correct performance wheel for the car. Especially with the right offset to get some deep-dish action and concave spokes. RpF1's are a great budget choice. That's what I have. Light and relatively cheap.

[]Brett Turner

Volk RE-30's would look great on there too

[]Jeff Katz

Some Advan Racing GT's would look great on there

[]Joey Rich

Dang, just looked them up, those look great.

homepage tile photo for Dinner and a car show
Dinner and a car show

Ogden's Historic 25th Street Car show tonight.  I would say one of the most popular events up here

homepage tile photo for Canyon cruisin'
Canyon cruisin'

This is the perfect drivers car. Can't believe how well the 32 handles the twisties.  Lucky I live

homepage tile photo for Car shows, even when they're small
Car shows, even when they're small

Advance Auto Parts Car show in Ogden.  Small but fun, just goes to show that awesome cars are every

homepage tile photo for Boosted Bolt
Boosted Bolt

This is the boosted Bolt that was custom made by EH Motorsports.  You can check out some of the pul

homepage tile photo for LED Replacement
LED Replacement

Changed out the stock headlight for an LED headlight.  It looks great and the field of vision is wa

homepage tile photo for Vortech C5
Vortech C5

This is my father-in-law's Supercharged Vortech Corvette C5.  This thing will put you back in your

[]Andrew Johnson

I like that he kept it looking stock making for a nice sleeper. I definitely wouldn't expect a convertible to be packing this much heat!

[]Joey Rich

I know right? I'm not a huge fan of convertibles but he loves them and he loves HP.

homepage tile photo for Supercar Shop Visit
Supercar Shop Visit

Went out to Makes & Models today to run a smoke test on the 32 to see if there were any vacuum

[]Ernie Szots

Love your ride; just gorgeous. I've seen this shop in Stradman videos. You ever see his lambo around?

[]Joey Rich

Yeah it was there when I went over. I missed the shot but it was parked right next the R35 about 5min before I took this.

[]Ernie Szots

Ha, that's cool.

homepage tile photo for New Brakes
New Brakes

Put in some new EBC rotors and pads.  Looks better and stops much better.  Still have a 500 mile br

homepage tile photo for Show Stopper
Show Stopper

Landed the show stopper award at Ogden High Auto Show.  Thanks guys!

homepage tile photo for The nephew digs the car scene
The nephew digs the car scene

Post by Joey Rich...

[]Yves Vds

That is a mean machine next to him!!!

[]Chris Dirkschneider

He's ready! Give him the keys!!!

[]Basir Khan


[]Andrew Johnson

Little badass

[]Sheldon Hall

Start them young!

[]Ernie Szots

Awesome lol.