Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? I bought this car because it looked good. When I went to the previous owner and saw the car parked outside, I loved it immediately. Since then, I searched a lot of information about the fiero and was hit by the fiero microbe Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start,  As I love my cars like they came from the factory, I restore this fiero to oem specs What’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? the only mod will be the cat delete pipe. In Belgium, vehicles of 30 years old does not have to pas emissions test. The fiero had a history with heat problems, with the removal of the cat is that major problem solved. Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck? the recall kit I've found on ebay. For just 70 usd I've got all the heatshields, bew manifold and oxygen sensor, head bolts, dipstick and tube and a set of new screws. How did you go about selecting the specific parts for this build? Any installation tips to share? look at the price, and search for reviews about the parts What are you planning next? install new exhaust, get the rims repainted and some interior work What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? find all parts from original manufacturers

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