455 HP
455 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3635* LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
6.2 L
Transmission Type
M6 Tremec 6060
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

PROJECT WRAITH ...3550-3600lbs Camaro GM tuned and flogged this car for full year on the Nurburgring along with its ZL1 brother.... I figured I best not mess too much with what GM engineer-racers and chassis tuners do so well these days... What I did do, was the one thing that is ALWAYS a good idea in a track car.... LOSE WEIGHT So far I have removed almost 100lbs ... currently sitting at 3646lbs and will lose at least another 40 lbs when i do the engine and exhaust.... A good portion of this weight was unsprung weight... almost 35 lbs from the wheels and tires themselves, which can really be felt with alot of inertia removed from changing direction. Also, I am running a wheel diameter almost 1" shorter... meaning the effective gearing is shortened up... one of the few critiques Randy Pobst had about the car during BDC 2016...

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