238 HP
159 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3029 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
18 MPG

    I have owned my RX8 for 2 years and it started when I was looking for a new combination daily/autoX/track vehicle. My prior vehicle was a 95 Honda Del sol that I had done a lot of work to and was extremely competitive in for 10 years. I knew I wanted to switch to RWD, but It was a very hard decision to jump from the Honda brand and not get an S2000.      I had been wanting to get a rotary for quite some time, as I have always found them interesting and the Mazda 787B is my favorite race car. The sound, revs, more room, and known chassis balance was what had me sold on the RX8.      I purposely raced the Mazda at a few different events bone stock, so I could get a feel for the vehicle and see which areas I wanted to approach when it came time for improvements. Even in stock trim the RX8 is a blast to drive, but it had to much body roll for what I was used too. After some research, I had Bilstein, Whiteline, and Hotchkis help me out. The body roll and steering feel is where it should be and the turn on this chassis is absolutely phenomenal.      The 1.3 liter rotary is a difficult motor to improve upon, as Mazda did a fantastic job extracting a lot of power out of the stock unit. I kept it simple with the engine and went for a drop in filter to help air flow a bit. From there I wrapped the airbox in heat reflective tape to try and keep temperatures in check. Due to the lack of low end torque I knew any small amount of rotating mass I could shed would help a lot with response. I added a light weight under drive pulley and lighter smaller diameter wheels. Of course I had to change out the exhaust and get the sound I had always wanted to hear. I ended up going with the HKS Hi-power race single exhaust for that extra flow and to really hear that rotary song.     With all the listed modifications above the RX8 falls into Street Touring Extreme (STX) with SCCA, which is where I have been running the car this year. I am currently STX class points leader for 2015 in the San Diego Region. The Mazda is performing very well and with each event I fine tune it even further to get the most out of the package. This car really is a joy to drive and own!  (sure the MPG and oil consumption is a little rough, but I knew that going in.)

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[]James Wei

I would have given you my car without any cost to you, which was Grand Mazda RX-8, 2009, leather seats and navigation, stock, at this point for free even without knowledge or information prior to making my decision. I wish I made that decision.

[]Anson Chow

Love your car, great setup. Owning a RX8/RX7 is on my list.

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