Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual

Engine has been rebuilt and balanced with a warmed up head, new cam, and forged pistons. Some day it will be safe enough to drive.  Then it gets a turbo. Found this car sitting under a cover at Yesterday's Auto in Minneapolis.  The owner had left a business card in the glove box. Story goes that the original owner was in the Italian Army.  He then sold it to a French art dealer and then to they guy I bought it from.  It was then imported from France.  Speedo is in Km/h so it could be true. It was originally California White but it needed some body work so I had it repainted in Porsche Basalt Black Metallic.  

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[]Kevin Leiner

wow I've never seen this before! looks like a european batmobile :)

[]Matthew Morton

The 1800 is one of my personal dream cars. That is beautiful

[]John Dyste

Happy to share. Volvo made 40,000+ of these and they share the basic drive train with cars dating from the 544 up to early 240s so parts availability isn't too bad yet. Great community support too which makes troubleshooting a little less scary for an amateur like me.

[]Joseph Frascati

Had not heard of these - very cool, thanks for sharing.

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