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I need some #advice So heres my problem, in January '18 I bought a brand new '17 #focusst and the

[]Caleb Krebs

My best thought is agreeing with Wilson, if you really love the car, keep it, more then likely others will make OEM parts, Such as rockauto and places likewise, if it's not a real favorite of yours, sell it and buy yourself a car you really want!

[]John O'Dell

I mean theres other things I'd really love to have like a new mustang GT, new Tundra or Tacoma TRD offroad. However the focus has the MPGs I need for my commute and its fun as hell to drive.

[]Hayden Baker

I worked at a dealer for a year; most of them are idiots who only know a very limited amount of what they do each day. Outside of that routine, they're worthless. Plus, just because the dealer won't stock as many parts as they would if it were new on the floor, they'll still be able to order parts or you can order them. If the cars are here, someone will make parts to make money. I've never bought a part for any car from the dealer. The Internet will more than cover you for parts replacement

[]Sebastian Nounou

If you want to be able to walk into a dealer and get parts, you should sell that car.

If you don’t mind doing legwork and research, you should be able to keep yourself afloat. That car is alive and well in other markets.

[]John O'Dell

Well, I mean part of the reason for buying a brand new car was that I wouldn't have anything to worry about as far broken or malfunctioning parts.

I guess as long as they have parts while I have the warranty I won't have an issue with them.

[]Sebastian Nounou

They have a legal obligation to maintain that, regardless.

Not exactly the most notoriously reliable car either :/

[]John O'Dell

True, like I said, when the warranty goes so does the car.

[]John O'Dell

Thank you all for the logical answers, my worrys have subsided.

I love this car as much as I could ever love anything thats FWD. This damn thing drives like its on rails even with my moddest skills. It already has a borla S-Type exhaust system and its currently at the dealership getting MP275 package, a helical LSD, upgraded charge pipes with a lower intercooler hard pipe. I think the only thing the dealership has that I didnt buy is the down pipe and thats next on the list.

It also gets damn good MPGs on the freeway, as far as performance cars go anyway.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I'm sure that there will be other manufacturers making OEM quality parts that will still be available on sites like
I know I've gotten some Motocraft parts off of rock auto before but I have no idea what Ford's decision will do for the non-dealer parts supplies

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[]Robert Sixto

I don't know if Ford's policy is different on this, but I'd expect parts to be available for many years to come. The Mountune/aftermarket stuff won't be, I'd guess that's what he meant when he said once they sell it, it's gone. The other stuff though, you figure they need to maintain a supply as long as some of the models are in warranty at the very least. At least in Honda and Mazda, this meant much of the common needed parts were available for well over ten years after the model sold. From there, aftermarket will pick up the slack, and you should have pretty good options there considering this is a popular tuner car.

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I'm not really one for taking a bunch of pictures of my ride but its such a nice day out i figured