230 HP
315 LB-FT
Curb Weight
~4000 empty LB
8.8 with 2.73 and trak-lok
Engine Size
5.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
20-25 highway MPG

General concept: A quicker, nimbler, more sturdy vehicle that does ok at autoX without losing much of it's boaty, comfortable, outdated 80's american feel. It will look almost totally stock. Subtle exhaust,  factory wheel covers (seen in the pic in front of the green wall), 100% stock interior, engine bay that could pass for stock. Emissions 100% functional. Fuel economy close to stock.  Stage 1 is almost complete; it's got a mishmash of aftermarket and factory intake and carb bits that combines to basically make it look and perform like an 85 Mustang engine, except a 351W not a 302.. 4 barrel holley, factory Mustang dual snorkel air cleaner, emissions-compliant Edelbrock dual plane intake, and factory-ish ignition system. Stock iron exhaust manifolds were replaced with BBK shorty headers, wrapped in painted header wrap, wrapped so as to resemble the stock cast manifolds at a glance. The exhaust is 2.5 inch mandrel bent all the way back, with an H-pipe, magnaflows, and cats with functioning smog pump.  The suspension is factory non-police soft springs, with the police-spec shocks (significantly firmer but still sorta soft by modern standards), the big police sway bars, 1inch in the rear, (no bar for civilian cars), and I'll soon be throwing in polyurethane bushings from Energy Suspension and boxed lower rear control arms. At that time I'll add stiffer Speedwayl springs in the rear and slightly lower springs in the front.  It also has 255/60/15 and 295/50/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T's on Weld Draglites. Super light wheels and the widest tires I could make fit. The tires have been custom whitewalled, and with the wheelcovers on it looks bone stock until you get behind and see the width of the rear hides.  The goal for stage 1 is, roughly, to have something that'll still drive like a big comfy couch but keep up with a first-gen BMW M5 in most conditions. It doesn't turn in as well, and is probably slower off the line, but on an onramp and at highway speeds up till 'no ticket, we're just towing your car and cuffing you' territory I'm confident I'm there.  Poly bushings, a more aggressive alignment, and a little more carb/ignition tweaks may get me there. Stage 2:  Parts I already have include a 2500 stall torque converter, 3.27 gears (up from 2.73), ported E7 heads (not just more flow, but at least a full point of compression bump), 1.72 aluminum roller rockers, and other crap I'm forgetting. The engine also needs a rebuild, and I'll be adding some frame bracing. Throw in a mild cam and I'll probably be crossing the threshold from 'fast for an old Crown Vic' to genuinely fast. After that, the sky is the limit. Coilovers? stroker motor? this block can be taken to almost 7 litres. Aluminum heads drop 80 pounds off the front. 6 speed automatics are getting cheap in junkyards....

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looks sharp!

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