150 HP
220 LB-FT
Curb Weight
Engine Size
3.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
24 MPG

A buddy of mine sold me for $700 since he knew I liked working on cars. He recently bought a 5.0l and wanted to sell his 3.8l and I just so happened to catch him at the right time. I messaged him about it and bought it the same day then drive it home. I started repairing it back to the way it should have been nearest to factory standard. I searched scrap yards for replacement parts and did most of the maintenance myself to keep cost down. The most recent mod is a 2001 Center Console and 2001 Seats. I have yet to put the driver's seat in since I have to rewire it to get the motion seats to work. My most recent repair though was my NGK Spark Plugs My Accel Coil Pack or the SR Performance CAI gave me the best performance that I've noticed. You can never go wrong with cheap power, even if it is such a small amount. I check forums mostly for advice. I compare what older more experienced guys and gals have to say or what they do with their builds and decide from there. If I'm impressed by something they have achieved it motivates me into doing something similar myself. My next job is all over the place but the motor swap comes first. I want to swap in a 95 5.0l so I can put a t56 magnum to go with it. Really it's a show car but I wouldn't mind having a little fun here and there. The biggest challenge I'll have though is wiring up a new ecu. With an older domestic car like mine, the v6s came with OBDII standard but the v8s never did (except California cars) so rewiring a car will be my main challenge. All in all I bought this car for $700 and it's the first car I've gotten fully motivated into modifying. Once I complete it, I'm definitely never selling her.

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[]Jessica Pomerleau

What a classic 😍

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