Crank Horsepower
553 HP
476 LB-FT
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26 MPG
Wheel Horsepower
457.63 WHP
Wheel Torque
436.45 W LB-FT

First car was a Ford Focus with an aftermarket turbo but after dad blew the engine so many times he reduced it to 5lb's so i barely got any turbonoises. So after i became 18 my dad got me a beat up 1993 3000GT VR-4 that was knocking so he went ahead and rebuilt it and then we sanded it and matte white painted it. it was pushing 14lb's but then the rear turbo seals blew and dumped all the oil then after i dropped everything(Downpipe catback) and fixed it the aftermarket downpipe cracked 2 weeks later so i fixed it and got tired of old cars and 0 engine bay space so i started looking. i was walking through the grocery store and saw a magazine with a red S550 Mustang and thought "Wow that thing's sexy" then i looked it up and saw it actually had a 4 cylinder turbo version and since i already had money saved and the price was actually less than i had saved i went ahead and talked to the fiancée and in March of 2015 I found one on eBay for sale where the owner didn't want to finish making payments and after talking to the fiancée (at the time, she became the wife that summer) we agreed to get it if the price went down by $1000. so i did not contact the seller or anything and we went to sleep. i then woke up the next day and saw that the price went down by $1k so i contacted him right away and planned to go up to South Carolina and pick it up and pay off the loan to have it under my name. So my dad and I took a Friday off and drove all the way up there from South Florida picked up the car, i paid off the loan and then we drove back home within the day. I went ahead and started modding it myself and said i'd learn as much as i can with this car and i definitely have. Went ahead and did research on everything and went through meth injection to now e85 port injection by researching and installing everything myself. Thankfully i did have my dad to fall back on(He's been a mechanic for over 25 years) for when i was doing the turbo kit install and accidentally over tightened the oil feed bolt(now i know those aren't made to be torqued hahah) and it was in the block and he helped me unscrew it with needle nose and then he had a new one already at his house(Thankfully) But yea its been a long journey and i have learned alot and finally gotten the car to the max that its stock block can hold and with the look i had envisioned for it. More than grateful for all the memories and people i've met along the way. Probably full of errors and is a long runon^ just quickly typed this; will fix later

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