320 bhp
Engine SIze
350 ci
360 ft lb
15 mpg
3,280 lbs

This truck has the full custom treatment. 1" Chop on the top with an 8" extension on the cab. We shortened the bed by 8" to retain the overall size. Mustang II IFS with air lift for clearance or slamming it at a show. The color is a white base with tangerine and white pearlescent from House of Kolor originally mixed specific for this truck (now they offer it as an option). My wife and I have driven this truck across the country twice. This truck has been featured in magazines, on television & digital and was the feature truck for when my wife was Ms. Hot Rod in 2015.

Discuss this build

[]Robert Lombardo

wow - amazing!

[]Jonny Mill

Thanks Robert! It's a fun truck.

[]Peter J Nielsen

That's one sweet truck. You should pop a Volvo turbo in there for some real power!!

[]Jonny Mill

Looking to upgrade the Holley carb to EFI at the end of the month. Should help with power and overall fuel delivery for a road trip I'm planning.

[]Adam McMillan

That matching trailer is pretty awesome.

[]Jonny Mill

Thanks Adam! I need to add some more pics. It has a kitchen in the back that my wife (a chef) cooks out of while we are at shows.

[]Brian Nguyen

Sweet Color! What made you decide on this paint?

[]Jonny Mill

We wanted the truck to stand out but plain orange is boring. Adding the white pearl really adds some pop in the sun.

[]Andrew Johnson

Awesome build! Would love to see more photos of the interior

[]Skylar Siegel

Woah, that paint is unbelievable.

[]Matthew McCracken

This truck and that teardrop is next level awesomeness!

[]Maxwell Lee

Very cool! Any other plans besides the EFI down the road?

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