262 HP
190 LB-FT
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
23 MPG

My late father and I have always enjoyed Japanese import cars, he owned a Datsun 280z back in the 80s. When we found this car for the price and at a dealership run by a family friend, we jumped on it. My father had one condition for me: any modification had to serve a functional purpose and be done the correct way. (no zip-tie mechanic boot-leggery). Immediately the exhaust was given breathing rights and UEL headers, ran it on the dyno to back up the modification. Next I began to mess around with OpenFlash Tablet, an ecu tuner for the FRS among other cars. At the height of my natural aspiration days the car was running full straight pipe and was shooting flames on downshifts and deceleration. Then my father passed away and I decided the car needed more, it needed soul, in the name of Jud it needed essence of Jud (My father). The Hoonigan windshield banner came off and the Edelbrock Supercharger went in. Scored some super lightweight 57CR rays wheels and some 255 Potenza Re-71r that are sticky as gum. The rest was icing on the cake. Coilovers, steering reinforcement, Greddy 3in exhaust, oil cooler, titanium header wrap, subwoofer. The plan going forward: Tighten it up into the perfect handling street car, increase the power to around 325 whp, take everyone to Gapplebees.

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