235 HP
204 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2777 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
26 MPG

After a long wait for me (5 years) and a lot of hard work, I have finally graduated university and have purchased that car I've been lusting after for so long; a 2017 BRZ with a 6 speed manual. My current hand-me-down Camry that was given to me by my grandmother that I've gratefully driven since high school (always been thankful and known I was lucky to get a free car) will now be passed along to my sister.  A little backstory: ever since watching WRC as a wee kid and playing Gran Turismo, I was a huge fan of Subaru. Seeing Petter Solberg and Richard Burns fly through each rally stage in those blue STI WRC cars got me hooked. As I got older though, my fondness for lightweight RWD cars grew greater, and my interest wained in the newer WRX and STI offerings. But, with Subaru releasing the BRZ, which brought everything I loved about the brand to a light, RWD platform, I was hooked once again.  During this time I've also I met my girlfriend of now over 7 years, who initially hated Subarus (was always a domestic car family in her house), but after hanging around me enough, when she was in a position to purchase a new vehicle a few years ago she actually beat me to Subaru ownership and bought a 2015 WRX, which she still loves to this day.  Now it's finally my turn to get a crack at it, and I'm excited to finally be a part of the community.  Plans for the car are to keep it competent enough to daily while slowly transforming it into a fun track/auto-x car. I've been sim racing competitively for 10 years, so this car will finally give me the chance to transfer that technique into the real world. Going to keep it stock for this season while I get more comfortable with the car at its limits (driver mod first). Then, suspension, wheels and tires etc will come.

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[]Fawaz Alahmad

I was laughing at the part where she used to hate Subaru and now she don't, and yet she went to the dealership and bought WRX that was savage xD. Great car and congratulation to the BRZ and hope you all the best just make sure to drive safe and let excitement get over you, and also to your GF God bless you both.

[]Jordan Bezugly

Thanks boss! Cheers!

[]Fawaz Alahmad

I mean don't let excitement get over you lmao!

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