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I'm an easy going, do-it-yourself type of guy, who appreciates all makes and models. Love trying new things and I drive everything I can.
Jordan Bruno18 days ago

No matter how involved I’d like to be in my local car seen, it’s hard to find time amongst the daily grind that is life. Luckily for me, and those of us that live in Virginia, we have a handful of tracks, several autocross locations, and many car show events. This got me thinking, as a part of my team Wheelwell contribution; what if I traveled to each of these events and shared a little of my experience at


[]Skylar Siegel

some killer cars out there!

[]Jordan Bruno

Yessir, forgot to include the ls swapped fiero.

[]Skylar Siegel

Oh damn. That's dope dude. I love builds like that.

Jordan Bruno29 days ago

Everyone, I'm going to be purchasing and installing an oil catch can on my 94 f150 soon. What brand or specific model would you recommend? Any other comments on this topic are welcome as well!


[]Timothy Markworth

There's not much that can go wrong with a catch can unless you do something blatantly dumb. Just make sure you get something baffled (or with some kind of element) if you're having a serious oil venting issue and don't panic when your catch can fills with gray schmoo. You can pretty much spend as much as you want getting the blingiest of the bling if you just have to have some bolt-in fitting thing, but a generic two port ebay can will get the job done.

[]Jordan Bruno

Cool man, thanks for the advice! Now I just need to find one with a baffle that I like.

Jordan Bruno46 days ago

If you’re anything like me, you may be very curious as to whether or not those handheld OBD2 (On-Board-Diagnostics) scanners function at all, provide any useful data, and mostly, worth the money? Now, up until this year, I was in just that case. There are a ton of options for manufacturers of these scanners and a wide spread of prices. For example, Walmart sells one for around $14.99 while others can range from $200-$400. It would be way

Jordan Bruno50 days ago

So happy to finally get my S2000 out for some drive time this year. Had it for a month in April but then work really picked up. LOVE THIS CAR!

[]Yves Vds

The S2000 is a great car. Just be careful in the wet.

Jordan Bruno62 days ago

Well, it has been a trying couple of weeks but ole' girl is still hanging in there for now. 240,000 miles on stock converter and head gasket.

Jordan Bruno77 days ago

It should be noted that the following discussion of tires and fitment only applies to ninth generation TWO WHEEL DRIVE F150s. Okay, lets talk tires. At this point, I don’t feel like I need to go on some long drawn out explanation of how important tires are and the importance of selecting the tire that most fits your demands. In fact, lets take a moment to talk practically. As of very recently it seems like everyone wants to try


[]Skylar Siegel

Great guide man, fitment can be so tough to visualize.

[]Jordan Bruno

Thank you sir! You are absolutely right about that.

Jordan Bruno78 days ago

Flew over Indianapolis Speedway and Lucas Oil Raceway in one day! Both were amazing facilities. Lets go Colts!

Jordan Bruno79 days ago

Might be almost time for me to add another dream vehicle to the fleet...

Jordan Bruno85 days ago

I'm in Nashville for the day. Anybody want to show me some good local food spots and talk cars? #teamwheelwell

Jordan Bruno88 days ago

Wish I wasn't always working and could go do some racing. I'd take anything at this point! How about some dirt drags!?! Any fans?


[]Robert Sixto

I'm with you on wanting to go racing, seems I either have the money but no time, or time but no money. Never did dirt drags, that sounds ridiculous but also kind of fun. Not sure my RX-7 would be ideal! 😄

[]Jordan Bruno

Yeah that's exactly how it goes for me with time and money as well. It is ridiculous, I have a buddy thats building a truck for it. I joke with him saying I'll bring my f150 out for fun. Might actually do it. RX-7 might not be ideal but you've got an awesome car. I'll have to give your profile a look now! Always wanted one, with rotary power, just never pulled the trigger.

Jordan Bruno95 days ago

I give you:

Jordan Bruno106 days ago

Anybody got any suggestions of car related stuff to do here in Denver, CO?

Jordan Bruno108 days ago

So stoked to be a member of team wheelwell!

Jordan Bruno115 days ago

I'm in Lubbock, TX and might have some free time. Figured I would ask what there is to do car related here or if anybody wanted to meet up?

Jordan Bruno116 days ago

Got an awesome opportunity to get close and personal with a 2019 Cayenne. Follow me here: to check out the pictures of the Cayenne and more!

Jordan Bruno123 days ago

I need to get my motorcyle. Would be a lovely day to ride. Anybody else have their motorcycle posted here on wheelwell?

Jordan Bruno129 days ago

Man, computer crashed, had to end up getting it wiped. Luckily I was able to save all of my data. But then my Galaxy phone and Mac will not connect with the usual app. Technology technology..... Maybe I'll get this video compiled one day! Haha

Jordan Bruno131 days ago

Mustang Foxbody Notchback quarter windows, Mustang LX taillights, 240sx parts, Honda parts, little bit of everything. Check out my eBay page

Jordan Bruno135 days ago

I'll be at the convention center in VA Beach tomorrow for Springfest. Come on out, I'll be bringing Checkered Flag's 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS!

Jordan Bruno135 days ago

This is not the kick off of my channel as promised. However, things happened last minute so I figured it would be best to upload this video tonight. Come out tomorrow, June 2nd and lets talk cars! Check out cars and coffee Facebook for official location and time. Not at all close to the quality of content I hope to bring you guys on Monday, June 5th.

Jordan Bruno136 days ago

Very excited to finally have one of my vehicles featured "Inside the build!" The next update, and series to kick off my YouTube channel, is coming soon. If you like my F150 stay tuned.

Jordan Bruno140 days ago

Update on my F150 coming soon. Should be releasing my YouTube channel soon. Trying to be better about keeping my wheelwell updated.

Jordan Bruno220 days ago

I'm looking for a new car; something used, offered as a coupe body, and manual. Preferably not FWD and more of a daily, doesn't have to be a "sports car." Any suggestions?

Jordan Bruno227 days ago

Terrible vinyl: check. Incorrect placement: check.

[]Ernie Szots


Jordan Bruno273 days ago

If you like Porsches, Jaguars, Land Rovers, and Audis then follow me here: I have the opportunity to work with this great company and take pictures of some of the coolest cars made. Check daily for new pictures.

Jordan Bruno310 days ago

S2000 has a locked up caliper from me neglecting to drive it, Zx6R's insurance just ran out while it still needs a chain, sprocket, and clutch, its finals week, and I still have to go to work. Love it. Lol


[]Hayden Baker

Sometimes the car life fights back

[]Jordan Bruno

Indeed it does!

[]Robert Sixto

Hopefully you can free it up, many times it's the slide pins that get siezed up. You can clean them up with some light sandpaper and relube. My advice though, is don't skimp on the caliper pin grease. The black stuff you get in a little bucket from AutoZone doesn't tend to hold up as well. I splurged and got some urea grease from Honda. It's very resilient and high temp stuff, works way better and I've never had issues with stuff sticking since making the change.

[]Jordan Bruno

Great suggestion, I will definitely do that when I install the oem caliper I sourced from Honda. I've rebuilt that caliper once and since it continues to fight me I already purchased a new one. Good advice!

[]Robert Linsenbach

Oh man. Wish a swift recovery for the s2k

[]Jordan Bruno

Thank you! I'll treat it to a couple stoptech and ebc treats too.

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