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Jordan Bruno

I'm an easy going, do-it-yourself type of guy, who appreciates all makes and models. Love trying new things and I drive everything I can.
Jordan Bruno79 days ago

I'm looking for a new car; something used, offered as a coupe body, and manual. Preferably not FWD and more of a daily, doesn't have to be a "sports car." Any suggestions?

Jordan Bruno85 days ago

Terrible vinyl: check. Incorrect placement: check.

[]Ernie Szots


Jordan Bruno131 days ago

If you like Porsches, Jaguars, Land Rovers, and Audis then follow me here: I have the opportunity to work with this great company and take pictures of some of the coolest cars made. Check daily for new pictures.

Jordan Bruno168 days ago

S2000 has a locked up caliper from me neglecting to drive it, Zx6R's insurance just ran out while it still needs a chain, sprocket, and clutch, its finals week, and I still have to go to work. Love it. Lol


[]Hayden Baker

Sometimes the car life fights back

[]Jordan Bruno

Indeed it does!

[]Robert Sixto

Hopefully you can free it up, many times it's the slide pins that get siezed up. You can clean them up with some light sandpaper and relube. My advice though, is don't skimp on the caliper pin grease. The black stuff you get in a little bucket from AutoZone doesn't tend to hold up as well. I splurged and got some urea grease from Honda. It's very resilient and high temp stuff, works way better and I've never had issues with stuff sticking since making the change.

[]Jordan Bruno

Great suggestion, I will definitely do that when I install the oem caliper I sourced from Honda. I've rebuilt that caliper once and since it continues to fight me I already purchased a new one. Good advice!

[]Robert Linsenbach

Oh man. Wish a swift recovery for the s2k

[]Jordan Bruno

Thank you! I'll treat it to a couple stoptech and ebc treats too.

Jordan Bruno262 days ago

For everyone out there having a bad automotive day this one is for you. I've been working on my zx6r for the past 6 months basically from the time i got it. It was a box of parts originally so i knew there would be trials and tribulations ahead of me. After fully reassembling the bike, rebuilding the carbs, cleaning the gas tank, and dealing with an endless front brake issue, the bike still didnt want to do WOT.

Jordan Bruno281 days ago

To date, this is the lamest ad slogan I've seen. Step it up Honda. Great cars, terrible advertising. To clarify what I mean, I'm thinking that if I had no knowledge of cars I would not immediately understand what this meant. Also, even knowing what it's for doesn't make it a much better slogan. What does the Earth dream of? Probably not engines.

Jordan Bruno281 days ago

Since when did selling vehicles on craigslist become so difficult. Ive had two people now text me with advice on how to fix my c10's issues. I know what's wrong with it, I clearly state I just don't have the time to work on it anymore. Lol someone just come buy my c10 and del sol already!


[]Sheldon Hall

I know right? It's crazy how people can't read. I once put a wanted ad ("WANTED/WTB" in CAPS btw) and had 3 people call me saying they're interested in buying what I had...🙄

[]Jordan Bruno

.....🤔 seems about right, im actually interested in what you're selling now. Jk jk haha. It really is baffling sometimes.

Jordan Bruno302 days ago

Lol yeah I really bought an all original del slow this evening.

Jordan Bruno418 days ago

It's been quite a while since I've posted on here. It sucks cause my Mac doesn't seem to ever load the wheelwell website. Probably just something out of date. But anyways, I got 33's for my F150. Pics of that to come.

Jordan Bruno632 days ago

Finally getting my passenger door fixed. Also ordering some ignition parts and getting an intake kit, cause why not. Should be good stuff. Very excited for it to look half way decent again.

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