541 WHP
451 Lbs
229000+ Miles
1/4 ET
13.6032 LMAO
1/4 MPH
115.44 MPH

I've owned this car for almost a decade now. I'm the second owner, and when I bought it In San Diego it was completely bone stock, 150000 miles, 7mgte/a340e combo, old lady driven since 1992 (Door tag says manufactured in Dec.'91.) For the first few years I played with the 7M. Couple BPUs standard to the scene. Full 3in, intake, MBC, leading up to what was the 7Ms biggest mod being a Driftmotion 57mm CT26 turbo. That probably made 300hp to the crank optimistically lmao. But it was enough to kill the A340e damn fast. So I swapped in the R154 which i got from a buddy, got a spec 6 puck and an ancient no name steel flywheel that probably shouldn't have worked but did, flawlessly. Ran that setup for about another year and the 7M started pissing oil out of every conceivable place. So I finally crossed to the dark side and bought an Aristo 2jz off another friend. He had previously singled it. And it had a few other parts, the price was right. So I bought that and got it all put in and running. Ran it on a stock ECU with a fuel cut defender, and it eventually cracked two ring lands. So got it rebuilt bored 20 over, forged internals, fuel setup, standalone, and a million other little things. That's the setup it still has today.

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