75 HP
93 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2480 LB
Engine Size
1.4 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
106 MPH
Zero to Sixty
13.6 Seconds

So this my first car 51' plate (2002) Volkswagen Golf 1.4 16V S. I originally had my heart set on a Red 1.3 MK1 Ford Fiesta which was up in Edinburgh Scotland quite a distance from where I am in East Yorkshire England. The seller agreed to hold the car for a week when I offered to pay more then the asking price for him to hold it for me, but a couple of days before i was going to collect the old girl I tried ringing the seller who refused to answer the phone. So i tried calling them from a different number, which got a result he answered the phone, but as soon as he realized it was me he hung up. So i couldnt get hold of his address spelling the end of that... After about a month of looking for another fiesta i couldn't find one that really caught my eye like the red 1.3. Anyway one night I was on an insurance comparison website where I was messing around trying different car ideas when I tried a 1.4 MK4 Golf. After getting a quote i was shocked how cheap it was (I was 18 at the time) I always loved Volkswagen's and after I got to be passenger in a modified 25th anniversary Golf I fell in love with the MK4. I had a look at a number of Golfs trying to find the one for me. Unfortunately I found it quite hard to find a really good one. I think i must have looked at over 10 golfs before finding this one. It was four cars deep in a small Used Car dealership in Castleford where it turns out my dad who was taxiing me around to look at cars actually used to work with the owner of the dealership on the railway. We took it for a test drive where we found small niggling issues such as the sunroof not working and the temp gauge. but they were small issues i could used to get the price down.  I really wanted this golf but still wanted a night to think it over, when a girl and her mum walked onto the forecourt and started asking about the golf she had the same opinion as me that it was a really nice one. At this point I was getting a little nervous so i thought fuck it ill have it and got out £200 and gave it to the dealership owner and said here's my deposit. I could see the girl looked a bit upset when i handed him the cash, but I didn't feel as bad as she already had a car all be it a rusty Ford Ka.  Thats pretty much it really I paid £1350 with 85,000 miles on it, and had the following changed: 1. Temperature Sensor 2. Timing Belt and water pump. 3. Sunroof Mechanism and rails 4. Two new tires. 5. Driver side rear view mirror cover.

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