Follow on Instagram @Peepshit_Studios After daily driving the S2000 for 8 months I finally decided that is was too RAW for me to continue to daily commute. The S2000 being one of the best pure sports cars every created is always ON. The impracticality of the space, the loud exhaust which doesn't allow for phone calls, and slightly harsh ride of a go cart began to wear on me. Enter BMW Z4M Coupe. Youtube: Peepshit Studio A car I have always admired for being rare, light weight, pure and iconic for the final iteration of the S54 engine. I didn't decide the pull the trigger and get serious about this car until I found one in Savannah GA, 7 hours away for a price I could swallow. A long birthday weekend later, the Z4M is happily home in South FL. The car's history was a lady aerospace engineer owner who ran into some financial troubles, selling the car to a co-worker at a very low price due to the lack if maintenance on the vehicle. I would imagine carmax wouldn't even take the car with bald tires, vcg leak, brake and rotor lights lit up, TPMS sensor light lit, and the infamous failed passenger airbag light from the poorly designed seat sensor. Fortunately, this being my 6th BMW I knew exactly what to look for, what would be vital and what was common place. Immediately after making it back to south Florida I was able to find a pair of BBS RGR's with Michelin Sport tires and change the oil and filter, valve cover gasket, spark plugs and ignition coils, followed by rotors, brakes, high temp fluid, rod bearings, crank seal, and pan gasket. All the maintenance items were done at Transience Performance in South Florida. Finally I was on to the performance parts. First I attempted a straight pipe and immediately regret it. Took that off an replaced it with a Stromungs exhaust (worth every penny) directly from the company. Finally at about 106k miles, the suspension had had it. Time to find some replacement parts. Well I found a seller in California selling (what looked to be PSS10) coilovers and only asking $600. Very fishy but worth the gamble for $500 shipped? Bought them and turned out the springs and front coilovers were indeed the 2300 PSS10 kit. While the rear were a mismatching H&R kit. Well contacted the gentleman to find out who he sold the other kit to, turned out to be a shop in Cali. No problem after a brief call and some negotiating I sourced the rears for the cost of shipping. Full kit assembled, went to install the kit at my shop and found the rear springs were missing the adjustment collars. No problem so stock springs and PSS10 kit for a bit while I hunt for the single missing pieces. Shout out to ECS tuning who sold the part for another $210 and 3 weeks of sourcing time. 1 month later finally lowered the car with the full kit and riding on a much improved suspension for a fraction of the $2300 new cost. Next up, refinishing the wheels or swapping to 19's. New tires, and then onto bodywork and fixing some of the dents and scratches from being a 13 year old car. https://youtu.be/wTuRdcwHBLM

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