My love for cars started in Corpus Christi Texas were i spent my Teen years growing up were i attended Mary Carroll High school. A bunch of us would hang out at the local sonic talking about cars, racing and just b.s.ing. I ended up moving to San Antonio,Tx were i came across a honda civic for sale in craigslist ad. i test drove it took it to the honda dealership to get it inspected and bought it. At the time i didnt know to much about Honda's i come from family of rwd so this is my first fwd honda. I drove it and instantly loved it, how it handled the way it hugs corners and how light and nimble it was to drive. i went online to find out everything about this car from suspension to motor swaps ect, it was endless.  i have big plans for this hatch. 

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[]Jose Ledesma

Yeah i love Corpus we would do stupid stuff back in 99' i miss those days being young and dumb and chasing girls oh and street racing. (i don't condone street racing) thanks for reading my bio. hope you get another hatch.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

I drove this exact car when I was in HS (it belonged to my gf's brother) and have always been impressed with it. Awesome to see peeps from my hometown on here too!

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